Watch "Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future" (1985)


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I am a total Max Fanboi. There, l said it


I’m watching it now!

Not kidding, I really am. Bit of cyberpunk nostalgia, eh?


Loved Max Headroom as a kid. I remember watching the TV show. One episode was something about recording and selling dreams. Neat stuff back in the day, IMO.


And this was his big break iirc?
L-l-l-lov-love it! (bzzzsxt)


There were three Max Headroom shows and a Christmas special. The pilot is “Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future”. Then there was a music video show (run in the US on Cinemax), followed by an interview show (also run on Cinemax). Cinemax also showed “Max Headroom’s Christmas Turkey”. Then came the ABC show in the US.

The ABC show is available, but the others are not. Clearing the music rights alone would be a nightmare.


I was alarmingly enamored of Max in early high school.

Never ceased being enamored with Art of Noise (minus Below the Waste).


Max Headroom is a minor supporting character (as the main character’s personal AI) in the Ready Player One novel. I wonder if he’ll get any screen time in the movie adaptation.


He’s iconic 80’s, so one hopes.


OMG! I have a legit use for this gif I have!



Unfortunately he isn’t listed in the credits on IMDB.


I really miss watching the ABC show as a kid. It really affected me in some weird ways. If it was for Max Headroom I probably wouldn’t have my healthy fear of corporations and board rooms.


I wonder if they’d have to list Matt Frewer in the IMDB credits if it was just a CGI/mocap job (which they’d have to do anyway considering he’s now 60 years old)?


What, you don’t like old Max Headroom?


Aah - I remember watching this when it premiered on Channel 4 in UK, back when Channel 4 was still the new kid on the block and decidedly willing to be experimental. Probably it was on one of those scores of old VHS tapes I recently dumped. Sigh.


Max was indeed awesome.

And I love Below the Waste! And pretty much everything they’ve done, even saw them live once at Hammersmith Palais. The sight of JJ coming out with a Gladstone bag, and proceeding to pull out a couple of circuit boards (which he then plugged into his Fairlight before playing) was just something else…

AAARGH! NOOO! I just missed them perform In Visible Silence (along with the aforementioned Paranoimia) at the British Library two weeks ago!


30th anniversary though… feelin’ old…


Lately I’ve been thinking that a Max Headroom remake seems like something that would make sense, and I’ve been surprised it hasn’t happened. But maybe it’s actually redundant, now…


Having watched it earlier can confirm it is worth an hours screen time, even just for the vintage cyberpunk aesthetic. Weird, dark and quintessentially British.


I remember the talk show on Cinemax. It was super weird. He was obsessed with golf and would ask every guest about their views on golf. I’ll never forget when Tracy Ullman told him it “got on her tits.” He kept calling Ruger Hauer “Rootbeer.” I guess if you’re digital, you can’t get your ass kicked.


What? Are you not a Cokologist?