Encryption essential to security, say intel agencies. UK PM Cameron didn't get the (leaked) memo


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The security agencies want business and banks to secure themselves, but they don’t want anybody else to have access to security tools. This would result in a corporatist world in which corporations have even more power than citizens.
But if the security services have backdoors, soon by spying the Chinese and the Russians will have them too.


My gosh! Nobody could possibly have predicted…

That does it. I’m gonna learn Navajo and use an Enigma machine from now on. All my friends and any businesses I deal with will have to do the same if they want to communicate with me.

Enigma was compromised. And Brits kept that classified for long after the war, because they were giving captured Enigmas to their “allies” to “help them with secure communication”.

Never trust a country, that tries to be your “friend”.


Governments push for stronger encryption for financial institutions and themselves, but weaken it for everyone else.

If encryption is outlawed, only outlaws will have encryption.

Seems consistent.


Yes, Enigma was compromised many decades ago. That’s why I’ll send the messages in Navajo instead of English or German.

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As a citizen of the United Kingdom I would just say, never trust us, period. How did you think we got that big empire?

[edit] To keep @Miasm happy, let me change that to “As one of those slimy Southern English citizens of the United Kingdom”. The Scots, of course, are totally trustworthy, and the story that the Glencoe massacre was engineered by a dishonest Edinburgh lawyer so he could acquire the land is totally untrue, despite being recorded at the Visitor Centre there.


Living in Scotland, I have a slightly different perspective.

Edit: I tried to like but I’m out for the day. :smile:

I only meant to imply that the relationship between Scotland and England, especially highlighted by the recent behaviour during the referendum, has not always been that of a trusting partership.

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