Energy Storage Gets Exponentially Cheaper Too

A while back there was an article about updating the electric grid, and I posted a controversial opinion. I believe public investment in the grid may be misguided due to continuing technological development in solar power and storage that will make the idea of the grid itself obsolete. Many voices informed me that while solar may be affordable, batteries just aren’t there.

Since then, I keep seeing articles like this one on increasing battery density for decreasing price. This particular prediction is that battery tech will be cheap enough in 15-20 years. My guess is by then no one will have physical data connections to their houses either.

Hmm… seems sound enough.

I guess heavy industrial consumers are going to want the grid infrastructure to remain in place, though…

Cool article. Assuming 15-20 years is realistic, let’s pray it is actually adopted by consumers readily, not impeded by regulatory bureaucracy, and the patents aren’t bought by old technology companies and then shelved.

My house is already free of all physical data connections. I receive television signals over-the-air and, as mandated by the FCC two years ago, they are all high definition digital broadcasts. My internet is via the Clear network which uses wireless modems. They only serve densely populated cities presently, but that’ll grow and other ISPs will start, too. Oh, and cell phones only, no land line.

Between satellite dish service and Netflix-type services, cable will die. I don’t think HBO is far off from offering internet-only subscriptions (no doubt they’re just waiting on cable contracts to end) and that will be the nail in the coffin.

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