England bans gatherings of 6 or more as coronavirus cases re-spike

Schools reopened last week with some social distancing and local agreements on mask wearing but a general top-down message to not wear them.

there has been a drive to ‘get people back to the office’ from working at home so that sandwich shops near office buildings (or…the fuel industry?) don’t go under.

Public transport is overwhelmed to the point of no longer practically offering social distancing.

I’m not sure that meetings of 7 people are the issue or the pubs and restaurants who have largely invested to work at a fraction of their capacity safely.


Oh I didn’t think it would be of any comfort. It is all too reliant on crowds behaving in a way that is completely at odds to how they would have done. And does little to nothing about how crowds are supposed to get to and from the venue. Egress of 46 people per channel per minute (on a flat surface and 36 on stepped) sounds impossible and implausible and once outside the stadium what then?


I was a steward at Carlisle United 20 years ago and it sounds like a logistical nightmare. The only way it will work is if the guidelines are ignored, and then it stops working anyway.


No. Not the fault of the young that the old men in office refused to take this seriously back in February.


By this logic, there should be no laws because they have no effect human behaviour? What would you suggest the legislative body do instead to combat the outbreak?

It’s a conservative myth that passing laws does no good because “Bad People don’t follow laws anyway”. Part of what laws do is signify acceptable behavior in a society, and most people do respond to that. It’s what the authority of government is for- to make it clear to otherwise apathetic or uninformed people what things are important to do and not do.

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I have friends currently in Berlin. I lived there once. I know the city. And I hear that there are illegal raves, just like back in the days. Also, I saw interviews with young German and Austrian tourists from Spain and Bulgaria.

I don’t even.

It ain’t the kids fault alone, but the kids aren’t all right. And knowing some people on the isles, it’s the same there as on the continent.

That is most definitely true.

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You are right, I work in design and print for a number of sporting events, we have been trying to develop wayfinding and instruction for a number of sports and the problems are not the fans in the stadium watching sport, but how to get them to and from their seats and then back home safely.


Well, maybe until the pandemic is under control and we have some sort of vaccine that is effective, they can watch from home. I get the going to a sporting event is fun and for many a wonderful experience in community. It’s not worth thousands of death, though, just to get that rush. It’s just not.

I really don’t get why this point is so hard for some to grasp or why there is such resistance to the only thing that’s been effective in keeping the numbers under some sort of control? Why do people care so little for their fellow humans? Is so frustrating and disheartening.


It is worth thousands to some clubs though (and that is where the pressure to get stadiums open again is coming from).

I cannot sympathise with the top clubs, but some lesser are certainly going to go under.

There are other spectator activities, like theatre, which are going to the wall and it is difficult to see how they will survive, but, as you say, not worth a life.

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I meant human lives. I mean, I know the markets are king, but can western civilization at least pretend that people matter for, like half a second.

Then the state should step in with support, given that clubs can often be job creators in the local communities.

Again, state support. It’s not like the state hasn’t supported art before in a variety of ways to a variety of levels. Reacting to disasters like this by helping people through the economy didn’t used to be considered amoral, but it is now apparently under the neo-liberal mindset of the markets before all. We really should stop pretending there is a solution when there very much is and has been in the past.

People first, always.


I know you meant human lives, I wasn’t disagreeing with you.

The support is due to end soon, not only thousands of jobs (and joy/despair to thousands) but they also do a great deal in some communities, let alone sporting facilities.

Again due to end soon, there was a large pot for the arts, but it was unfairly spread and delayed with the result that many (often self employed technicians and BOH FOH staff) have had to find alternative employment and may not return.


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I just wanted to clarify in case anyone got that impression.

Sure, but the pandemic isn’t over, so they shouldn’t. I mean, the PM just banned large gatherings, so… But of course, he’s too busy breaking international law and wrecking the brexit agreement.

So, again, it shouldn’t.

Unsurprising. The same thing happened in the US with the PPP help.


I think he slipped his handlers, they will net him soon.

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I suspect that there are not too few Tories who agree with him, though, about a hard brexit.


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