What, me Coronavirus worry? Spring Breakers refuse to quit partying in Miami

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A 1/10 smart interviewer would have asked them how they felt about potentially infecting people who are most likely to suffer from the worst pangs, or die, from the virus.


Eh. It’s easy to be angry at this idiots, and they are idiots, but this really is the fault of the government. A bunch of dumb kids on spring break are not epidemiologist that fully understand the consequence of a pandemic. They are dumb kids engaging in motivated reasoning. A government order for people to not gather, not go to beach, and to shut it all down would have helped prevent a lot of these people and made them take it seriously.

If our government, armed with experts, politicians, and people with the best access to knowledge and motivation for understanding it are not freaked out enough to close those places down, why would you expect some dumb invincible feeling college kids to voluntarily panic? These people are ignorant. but I don’t hate them for it. If the answer was for people to not gather like that, I’m upset at the government that allowed it.

Personally, I hope that these kids don’t learn that their ignorance has a price by killing one of their parents or grandparents when they go home.


It’s not like elderly people retire down there.

Also, I just noticed these epic spring breaker names.

Brady Sluder
Brianna Leeder
Atlantis Walker
Shelby Cordell
Ni Smith
Bryson Taylor

Is this the cast of Riverdale?


Besides the obvious, I was struck by how many talked about being unwilling to cancel a break they had been planning “forever,” by which they meant two months. I don’t remember ever thinking two months was “forever,” certainly not when I was in college. Those are some people for whom “delayed gratification” isn’t a thing.

Yeah… I mean, these are college students. They’re likely not going back to school for a while because classes will be canceled, which means they’ll be going back home, to live with their parents or grandparents…


On the other hand, I’ve seen a lot of cases mistaking fatalism for idiocy: “If the corona virus doesn’t kill me, the climate crisis will.” This is the party at the end of the world. It’s not like our government is doing f***-all about either case. And there’s been plenty of evidence lately that not just COVID-19, but the whole selection of recent epidemics are a direct result of us f***ing with the environment – COVID-19 is not gonna be the last pandemic and it’s not going to be the worst – it wasn’t too long ago that Ebola managed to get a ride out of Africa and show up in Texas.


I think you’re mistaking homicidal narcissism for fatalism.


Yeah, where’s the suggestion that maybe it’s the Miami City Council who are homicidally reckless idiots?


Even if you’ve resigned yourself to die that doesn’t mean you should take actions likely to take others with you.

Anyone who chooses to engage in behavior likely to spread a deadly pandemic just so they can have more fun on Spring Break is either a moron, a sociopath or both.


A name made for drunkenly slurring if there ever was one.


Young, Dumb & Ugly?


Two months is forever if you catch a contagious disease and die soon after.

More like “Dare to Be Stupid”, as recently covered by a bunch of housebound metal dudes making the most of their self isolation.


Nice to see the GOP still has lots of prospective candidates for influential positions.


What galls me on watching this, is the thought that he could well be asymptomatic, suffer nary a sniffle, infect and kill any number of people, and then at the end of the day, rightly figure it’s somebody else’s problem, since no one is ever goibg to call him on it.

It’s called leadership. Its why we have something called government. You take the hit, close the beach, flatten the curve. It’s not complicated, just expensive. Still cheaper than ending up like Iran or Italy.


If the politicians are saying that covid-19 is little more of a Chinese flu and will hit only the old people, what a person should do? Logically stay away from kung fu masters.




If they could somehow quarantaine the whole party-place it might be a good thing. Young people mostly get away with mild cases. If you can breed a large group of young people who are immune because they already had the disease, they can help out later on when the rest of the country is sick.

You need to start somewhere building herd-immunity.

Th problem is of course that they will probably spread it around…


“While you were away, we made a new room for you for the next two weeks.”


Pffft. When my kids are of that age and they pull something like this, they ain’t coming home for at least a month. I’d be generous enough to leave a tent, some clothes and a bucket in the back yard, and maybe even leave some food on the back porch every day, but the locks would be changed :slight_smile:


Maybe I’m a pessimist, but I’m fairly sure at the rate we are going – as is evidenced by these Spring Breakers – we will end up far worse off than Iran or Italy.

I feel bad for the reporter that drew that assignment. mingling with all the minglers. Unless the reporter also feels like it’s all overblown…

As for the kids, they haven’t lived long, Spring Break in Florida has been hyped up since before I was a teenager, they feel invincible. I get it. As others already pointed out, it’s a damned shame (ie. disgrace) that the adults in the area (ie. idiots in charge) didn’t do something to shut it all down sooner.