England's most senior judge rules that Terrorism Act violates human rights

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No he’s not.

I don’t think I need to read further, though I had read the linked Guardian piece, which is worthwhile.

Pro tip: Don’t unfairly detain people named Miranda.


I’d suggest detaining any journalist from the right wing press who claims that this is another reason for why we should scrap the human rights act, just so they can actually understand the piffle they unthinkingly spout…


Yah, that seems to be the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, present incumbent Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd.

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The headline might be considered correct, at least by a certain measure, as (as was pointed out) Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd is the most senior judge of England & Wales, and Lord Dyson is the second most senior judge of England & Wales, but the former is from Wales and the latter from England. But the actual text of the post goes on to claim “Lord Dyson, the most senior civil judge in England and Wales”, which doesn’t seem to have any interpretation on which it would be true.


Wow. 60k terrorists/year. You guys must have a real terrorism problem over there. Good thing your government is working hard to protect you from them.


Does “most senior” carry special authority, or does it just mean been there the longest?


The most senior judge gets a very special coffee cup in the break room, and it is kept on the peg nearest the coffee machine. Sadly, judges in England only drink tea.

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Human rights?

How quaint!

It does carry some authority: English law and the role of seniority has changed since I studied it (back then the Lord Chancellor was the boss man) but they can drive the agenda to some extent. Lord or Baron Woolf during the Blair years was a well known judicial activist who pushed the authority of the courts in invalidating legislation (and a moderniser of procedure). This is the kind of thing that makes the Tories want to get rid of the Human Rights Act.

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