EU's top court rules against the UK mass surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden


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Now we know the real reason behind Brexit… well probably not.


Totally crooked! The courts are supposed to OBEY the government! Just one more reason we declared a revolution in which, might I add, we performed very well and totally defeated King Charles. #MAGA


Well, great and I’m trying to remain positive about this because it’s not a fight we’ll ever win but a fight we commit to (to paraphrase cory) but it feels a bit meaningless when it looks like we’ll soon be crashing out of the EU with no commitment to the European court of human rights and their meddling ways.

ETA: Oh… except that the ECHR is not part of the EU? That changes things I suppose and makes it easier for court cases to be brought against draconian laws like this. Authoritarian May and her cronies will still ignore it though, as they have done in the past.


The European Court of Human Rights is a body of the Council of Europe — a far larger and older entity than the EU; the Council was established in the 1950s by Churchill, among others, as a way of preventing the human rights abuses that characterised the Nazi/Fascist era. It is not to be confused with the European Council (part of the EU). The ECRH (and the associated European Convention on Human Rights — unfortunately also the ECRH) are toothless: they have no powers to compel a council member (that means you, Russia!) to act unless such member has enshrined the Convention in local law. The Tories in the UK want to repeal the human rights act (the British implementation in law of the ECRH) and replace it with a less restrictive Bill of Rights, but unfortunately this has all got mixed up with Brexit, even though the issues apply to two independent bodies. Only a truly bonkers Tory would withdraw the UK from a body established by their Great God, Winston Churchill, though unfortunately several members of the Tory European Resarch Group (ERG) do appear to be several neurons short of a functioning brain.


It seems like not all Tories are as vociferously anti-fascist as they used to be. Hence the Conservatives voting against censuring Hungary for their recent authoritarian turn lately.


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