We've got a front-row seat for Europe's internet censorship plan

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I’m contemplating moving to Germany, if only on paper, so I can vote for Julia Reda… Every time I read something positive around this cluster fuck of laws she is single-handedly changing the outcome for the better!


Relying on the ECJ is a fools errand if ever there was one. It’s an inherently political court that frequently makes rulings in favour of the European status quo. Just last month it ruled MEPs’ expenses couldn’t be published because that violated their privacy, and, if anonymised, were too great an administrative burden to be legal. The European Court of Human Rights might be a different story, but its enforcement powers are exceeding slim. One of the key purposes of the EU is moderate democratic influences - and its history of listening instead to large corporates is pretty well founded. That’s why some of us in the UK want to leave it…

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but that won’t stop the rules from being imposed and wreaking havoc while we wait for the court to act.

So then the ECJ doesn’t have the ability to issue an injunction against enforcing a new law the way US courts can?

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