Americans should definitely be worried about the EU's new copyright rules

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10 of them got confused and pressed the wrong buttons

This is their job. How can not one but ten people be so bad at it? Why can’t they go back and issue corrections after the fact? What kind of fucked up system is this?

Wow. Who’s making the wrong buttons? [Voice from within a tin: Marvin I love you…]


If a majority of the European Parliament don’t actually support this, why can’t they just introduce a repeal in the next legislative session?

Not trying to be confrontational, I just don’t understand how this could be passed by accident and then never be repealed.


This has got me thinking that if the USA and Silicon Valley hadn’t turned the internet into such a schittshow, entities like the EU wouldn’t be so motivated to put into law rules that enshrine privacy and human dignity in the technosphere. Did Europe get it wrong? Maybe. But, good intentions and all that, I have a lot more faith that they’ll get it right than anything America is doing.


This is a clear and unambiguous example of one particular law in action: the Law Of Unintended Consequences.
Along with a healthy smattering of Murphy’s Law: If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Will.

Okay, I finally get brexit.


I think that the problem that generated the EU answer is the enormous power that the OTT have. And personally if the new copyright rules will hel to stop facebobb it will be a reasonable price.

It’s like the anti kidnapping laws. In the '80 organized crimes kidnapped sons of rich people for ramson. Reaaly strong laws were enacted to to stop the kidnapping and they worked.

If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Too cowardly to own up to their corruption is more like it.

I take it you haven’t actually read anything about the law in question. If you have, could you be more specific about what American perfidy they’re trying to fix with it? This Idea that Europeans in general, much less the EU in particular, are somehow more enlightened than Americans is something I see a lot from Americans who don’t know anything about how the EU works.

This is a clear example of how the powers that be would rather be have anyone be able to censor anything than not be able to censor anyone who criticizes them.

From Merkel’s heir-apparent:

Let me guess, all government content is exempt

The Night of Long Knives needs to be repurposed by the people yesterday

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