Germany, France and the UK are moving the EU to continuous, unaccountable, warrantless mass surveillance

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Hey, @falc… Dammit, this isn’t a time leak.


but those laws were decided before the December ruling of the ECJ ruling Swedish and UK laws as incompatible with the EU framework, it feels as if the Just Security article only glanced over this.

the political climate is horrible since years (the German minister of interior just published his ugly wish list regarding more power to law enforcement and intelligence services) but the court decision is too fresh to show results - I am rather hopeful that the German surveillance law will not survive, the ongoing cases at the constitutional court have a much better chance to succeed with the ECJ’s expert opinion.

so far the judiciary in Europe is generally a stable defender of basic rights, and I don’t see a real threat for this (notwithstanding that our political caste frightens me more and more…)


They are creating a hell on earth.

I was listening to a BBC Witness podcast about the Netherlands referendum to sign the Maastricht Treaty in the early 90s. The first failed so they had a second very quickly, which succeeded.

I can’t help but think that the creation of the EU was good for the very richest taking advantage of the undemocratic nature of the EU to make a shit-ton from free trade (moving profits out before tax), but now that the EU is not viable any more without democratic federal committment to a robust welfare state, they’re like… all y’all malcontents are RASCIST. Also, we love you and can we interest you in a post-Soviet kleptocracy? Free gaybashing included!

Gee…Can’t understand why the Brits voted yes on Brexit. Now they only have to fight the British surveillance state instead of The EU also. Good luck taking your country back from the watchers.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to make anything better, especially with May in charge.

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