UK's mass surveillance bill is illegal

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Thank goodness for the European Convention on Human Rights. Is this the same one the government want to drop and replace with a more ‘modern’ alternative?


Good thing then that the UK seemingly doesn’t want to be part of (political) Europe any more.

Most citizens/plebs do. The rich elite seemingly don’t.

I think it’s several centuries late in the Magna Carta #2

“The Trans Pacific Partnership and its EU/US equivalent, TTIP, both ban states from passing laws limiting where retained data must be stored – to stop, for example, Germany from ordering German companies to keep German users’ data in Germany”

Excluding the inflammatory NSA bit. This is one provision of the TPP I’m okay with. A law like this is crippling. Cloud services like Salesforce become unusable. Small Internet-only companies are dead in the water—they can’t afford to acquire hardware or a service provider in every country someone registering at their website might come from.

If you look at the companies leaving or significantly cutting back their presence in Russia right now due to a law that requires exactly this, it’s pretty devastating. Those people aren’t leaving because they’re bummed they can’t give the NSA your data. They simply can’t figure out how to operate under those conditions.

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