UK surveillance bill condemned by a Parliamentary committee, for the third time


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I don’t think it’s “dog’s breakfast” unless you’re using that term to continue to refer to what’s left after the dog has eaten and “processed” it.


Why do they want the terrorists to win? Why? Probably because they hate all that is right and good, I guess.


Thankfully, some sanity in Parliament.


Third time’s the charm!


Nice to see one of Cameron’s potential successors treat the English language with the same approach as Dave’s allegedly did to a pig’s head…


No lie, man. no lie.


Data includes any information that is not data

This is an attempt at some sort of legal singularity. The bill will literally cover everything, making every element of life in the UK (and the world) come under May’s surveillance.

Building servers that can contain all data and “any information that is not data” will present a challenge, as those servers would also be covered by May’s law…


If this becomes law then I don’t want to live in Britain anymore.

Anyone want to start an independent anarcho-syndicalist commune on St. Kilda with me?

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