English over the centuries

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Wouldn’t it be more fair to say that this is what centuries of English with a Scottish accent sounds like?

Weird that Beowulf was easier to understand than some of the later passages; I guess more familiarity with the source work makes for an interesting illusion. A lot of the written language is obscured by the changes in spelling conventions and the whole no standardized spelling.

I was vaguely expecting the last scene to be emoji…



OMG bae, U should totes check out this clip.
It sounds like, they’re like throwin shade at how people talked, like, a zillion years ago or something. I’m literally dying of laughter.
Whatevs. C U L8er!


That’s an Irish accent for the most part, not Scottish.


Yep - came to say the same. What later English sounds like with an Irish accent.

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