Enjoy the new kids' space at London's Victoria and Albert Museum

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To clarify, if you were to visit, Young V&A is not physically part of the V&A in South Kensington – it’s a self-contained site on the other, cooler side of town, near Bethnal Green tube.


I love how every museum is now trying to become some interactive touchy-feely experience for kids.

I’m kidding. Can adults not have a space that is aimed towards critical thinking, appreciation and all that? The museums in London are generally disappointing in that way. Tried to see the London Transport Museum and it was all giant lineups of prams and hyper children because what… they get to climb over the exhibits and run around untethered?

Science museum was the same, a crush of kids. Saw the lineup to the natural history museum and said forget it.

V&A is by far the best museum in London though mainly because it isn’t kid-centric content. But you start encouraging kids to grab and yank things in a proper museum and look out. Victoria wouldn’t be amused.

All these facilities offer sensory-calming days or whatever… how about offering a no-kid day ?

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Whilst I do agree with your last sentiment here (yes, no-kid days would be a great idea), my own experience of London museums and galleries (as a resident and regular visitor) is not the same at all; children that tried to climb over the exhibits or grab and yank things would be removed pretty quickly. Even in spaces that are specifically designed for that, there is clear demarcation between ‘interactive’ zones and actual artifacts. And on top of that, almost all museums hold “handling” events that are very non-age specific and which are about being able to touch and interact with both replica and ‘real’ items.

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