Enjoy the pandemic by building an electric guitar at home

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I’ve got a Carvin Bolt-T that I put together from one of their kits, back around 2000. I still play it almost every day.


I hate that word “should.”

Too late. I recently bought a new strat. But now I have no excuse for not practicing.

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The Warmoth “boat neck” is one of the greatest additions to any guitar if you have large hands, or like playing with a neck akin to a baseball bat. I think making a kit with one of those included would be rad.

I think some of the jokes that are told about accordians and banjos could equally well be told about electric guitars.
“What do you call 200 electric guitars at the bottom of the sea?”
“A good start.”

Consider something actually scratch-built, a cigar-box guitar. More fun than an expensive kit, and a popular pastime. https://www.facebook.com/groups/482635468417721/


I also own three banjos.

Stewart-MacDonald has a sale on their kits right now, including ukuleles.

(But I already have 5 other guitars I’m working on right now. I like to pick up cheapo electrics and modify/improve them.)


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