WATCH: profile of guitar maker Creston Lea


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Ah, the Telecaster. So much good in one guitar body…


Thanks for the link, Mark!

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Not to be a prick, but I went to the trouble if learning the word “luthier” and I’d appreciate it if you used it. :wink:


Wonderful. Thanks, Mark.

the best looking and best sounding electric guitar evar. and i have no issues, complaints, or whinging with craftsman and artists riffing on it, the style kinda demands it :smiley:


i am totally gonna go down a rabbit hole with guitar pictures, so i apologize. just scroll past.

the jag-stand is one of my favorite, weird-but-mainstream guitars. it’s like a fender jag just kinda melted.

the danelectro convertible is my favorite weird mass produced guitar. they are playable, accessible, kinda cheap, but you just kinda have to want one to put up with it. the pickup and bridge are beyond finicky. but they look soooo good. and that lipstick pickup is soo hot.

The Silvertone sears guitars were also amazing. Total student guitars, but you could absolutely shred like Jack White on one.

And call me an old softy, but I have a place in my heart for zero fret guitars. I have played some amazing, old, laminated archtops with zero frets that could have been played by Freddie Green.

Okay, two more before I get banned for being a spaz.

Early '20s gibson archtop–these sound amazing. Bell like strikes, not a lot of sustain, but perhaps the ultimate rhythm guitar.

And perhaps one of the greatest guitars ever made, a mid 20’s Martin 000. they are small bodied, intimate, beautiful instruments. And now I’m done (for now :D)


Nice guitars ( the closest I can do is my Godin 5th Avenue strung with Thomastik-Infeld JS13s, it’s sweet ); I didn’t get to see the video, thanks to the well-known Firefox/Vimeo clusterfuck which has never been resolved.

You have excellent taste in guitars! Every now and again I’ll go searching the guitar forums for whatever Teles people have lying around, but that makes my wallet hand itch too much, so I try to space out that particular research. And that traditional sunburst style, with the white pickup guard…well, I’m salivating again.
Those old Gibsons are awesome and it’s probably why those low numbers are so damned expensive. And I’ll mention that you forgot the vaunted Dobro:

At the moment, I’m into classical guitar, which, lacking any electronics (usually) and having only nylon strings, appear to be even more expensive than their electrified brothers and sisters.

EDIT: Luthiers, to me, combine all the neat things about woodworking with engineering and music. I haven’t the faintest idea how that particular sector is doing of late, but I wish them well.

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Yeah, I have to stay away as well. I have ~14 or so odd, relatively unvaluable guitars that I appreciate regardless. Each one has a story :smile:

But that number pales in comparison to the amount of penny whistles laying around. I swear they breed when you’re not looking.

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I think those are mine. I can’t keep one for the life of me- must have bought a hundred of the things over the years, and every one has gone missing.


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