Enjoy the "teleporting power of listening to radio from around the world"

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Oh, I thought this would be about short wave radio.


Always nice to see radio getting some respect! Thank you, Mark!

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I used to tune in to Radio 4 Extra from time to time, but I’ll give some of these a shot!

Same. Slightly disappointed

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radiogarden. the latest version on android has some problems with the map, but on web it’s the best radio experince since spinning an AM dial late at night in bed.

Absolutely. It’s amazing, and really easy to sample radio worldwide. The app is working ok for me on Android - and I use it in my computer browser, too. http://radio.garden/

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This is so cool!

Man I “literally” thought this was gonna encourage me to buy a short wave radio. Which I’m definitely going to do, but it has to have line out jack

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