Enjoy this 1967 flexi disc of "Electronic Sounds and Effects for Electronic Music"

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Gets all jiggy with it around 3mins 15 secs in. Funky stuff, man!

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Yeah, they’ve really captured those skating-rink acoustics. I would listen to a longer version.

Here’s some electronica from 1968. (Where have you heard it before?)


A similar 2LP set was put out by Nonesuch around the same time, made by the venerable Beaver and Krause-- examples of white noise, assorted waveforms, etc. I can’t recall if there is narration between tracks.


This sample record seems like it’d be perfect fodder for a remix. Gotta dig it when you can mix a stodgy British guy into your song.


I came here to mention this two-disc set. I bought it when it came out in '68. It offered a wide range of Moog synthesizer sounds culminating in a composition, “Peace Three,” which demonstrated how they could be used. There was also a booklet going into great detail on what it all meant. Apparently the album sold well and gave synthesizer music a big boost. I just thought it was cool.


The 1st of April of many, many years ago, when new wave and punk were al the rage, a friend and I recorded a nice unlabelled cassette using noises from a similar disc and others for theatrical use, plus our voices badly filtered and distorted (neither I nor he could play or sing, but we had access to some gear).

We left it in an envelope at a local “free radio” for a DJ we knew, accompanied by a fake letter explaining it was from a new (fictitious) experimental group.
We were sure he would have not fallen for it…to our surprise, it was announced, played, and highly praised in his late night program!

To this day I wonder if he got the joke, and decided to play it on his listeners, or was convinced it was a genuine band.

After all, it was not much different from say, Orchid Spangiafora.


I have two copies of this LP, both kind of beat up, one was a public library discard, and the other one still has the booklet.

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I thought it was Alan Rickman

Here’s an excerpt from a film by Ian Helliwell on the magazine and FC Judd.

youtu.be [slash] afr9K-7TtFA

More on British electronic music on his site: www ianhelliwell co uk [slash] research

DJs rushing to use these samples in their next track.

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