Enjoy this ASMR video "Testing You For Coronavirus"

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This may be the drink talking: Humans are disgusting.


Murmurs: “And now I would take a swab, but it’ll never get tested. So just go home and have no human contact for the next month.”

(ASMR video watchers: “Shit, I’m already doing that, that’s why I’m watching this video…”)


What would Poppy do?

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This is definitely the type of thing that if I could send back to my 14-year-old self, and say, “this is the kind of thing people watch on the internet in 2020,” I’d be like, “fuck you.”


Plenty of labs can now test for coronavirus. But a key testing component is in short supply.


Worst porn ever.


So, what is it?

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I was listening to music on Spotify last night, playing with the quality settings, when I realized some particularly whispery music I was listening to seemed to lack harmonic content at the lower quality setting, and I had this insane, totally bs speculative wonder if the obsession with ASMR phenomena in this time period could be due to people craving the natural harmonic content of reality which is sometimes absent in the hyperreality media we consume.

Probably a terrible idea, but it seemed right at the time

Edit: Actually, I am thinking in retrospect it was probably “non-harmonic” content… I think it was stripping out noise but the good kind that you’d expect


Reagents for the virus testing process.

"Testing for coronavirus typically uses reagents, which are substances used in chemical analyses. The reagents extract, purify and stabilize RNA, or ribonucleic acid, in samples taken from patients suspected of having COVID-19.

That’s the first step in confirming or ruling out a tentative diagnosis. Qiagen says it leads the world in this type of testing.

However, testing demand has led to a shortage of reagents for the RNA extraction process, said Dr. Eric Blank, the chief program officer for the Association of Public Health Laboratories, which represents state and local governmental health laboratories in the U.S. and responds to disease outbreaks."

Gosh, if only they’d had three months to prepare… oh wait…

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