Enjoy this exquisite playlist of Japanese jazz

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OK, so maybe it’s just me, but this all sounds like that banal “lite” jazz that got played waaaay too much in the '80s. It just feels very clean and precise and calculated–kind of the antithesis of jazz. Not my style.

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Looking forward to chilling with this when I get home, hopefully I’ll be able to add some new Japanese Jazz artists to my rotation. I highly recommend Mouse On The Keys for those that enjoy something in the same vein, but a little more progressive and I guess ‘harder, faster, weirder’. http://mouseonthekeys.net/


Check out Hiromi Uehara.


I hear ya.

Perhaps check out this:

Jazzman has a whole series of these comps, showcasing obscure stuff from around the world, I’m annoyed at how pricey they are, but the few I’ve checked out are solid.


Wow–thanks for the rec. That ‘Alive’ album is really good! I can’t wait to dive into her other work.

Oooo…I like–very much! Lots of good stuff in there. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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