Enjoy this first-person video of a coaster run in Switzerland

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That looked wonderfully fun. Fast enough without feeling like it was scary fast, and all that beautiful scenery to enjoy.


For the modern, busy professional who doesn’t have time for the “10 hour trainride across Switzerland” YT genre…

That’s not a coaster, it’s a Sommerrodelbahn, or alpine slide.

There are two main types: an Alpine coaster or mountain coaster is a type of roller coasterwhere the sled runs on rails and is not able to leave the track, whereas with an Alpine slide the sled simply runs on a smooth concave track usually made of metal, concrete or fiberglass. Both of these types of ride are sometimes denoted with the German name Sommerrodelbahn .


Why are these otherwise neat videos so often posted with a soundtrack? I just want to hear the sounds of the slide and the surroundings.p, not some swelling strings! And I wonder why they needed so many signs saying “no selfies!”.

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Every time I go on one of thee things I get stuck behind somebody riding the brake the whole way down.


Too many dropped phones and demands to retrieve same? Plus, maybe they require people to keep both hands on the handle?

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