Slow TV: spend an hour on this Swiss mountain rail line

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I’d prefer a real-time Toronto to Vancouver #1 Transcontinental rail trip - weatherproof webcam at the back of the lead engine car, facing front. It would be way better than half of the dreck on cable, hands down.

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This + crushing hopelessness = Bela Tarr films. One can surprise one’s self (sp?) with the quality of thought slow and unhurried film inspires. I hope this becomes more of a thing.

Doh! Just back from Switzerland although we did unexpected end up on an auto train

I have collected a few train engineer views from Youtube: my favorites.
I love snow routes and since these are in Europe (primarily Germany) they are easy to find, but they aren’t always in english
Search for “Schnee führerstandsmitfahrt hd” ( snow + engineer cab ride+ HD )
Some of these only last minutes, some go for hours. The record is over 9 hours and is in Norway.

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WARNING 4K video !! (You can change the resolution from 4K downwards. this link starts as 480, bump it up a notch or two to 1080p for best average appearance/performance)
One of my all time favorites.

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I think I’ll put this on in the background while I work then occasional check to see how “far” I’ve gone.

You know–just like a real work commute.

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Awesome video.

Only minor quibble is that they really need to have the camera on the centre of the train, not hanging off the side. :slight_smile:

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