Amtrak vs snow, in slow-mo


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So many people who don’t understand volume or kinetic energy.


Somehow this is all Ed Harris’ fault.


That’s snow joke.


I like how people watching it through their phone screens are completely detached from reality.
“Well, this is just happening on the screen, not to me”


And no one died?


The people who knew what was going to happen are the ones who backed up all the way to the other side of the platform.


I think some phones got dropped or even lost under snow


I prefer to think that they expected and enjoyed it. :slight_smile:


you know what notion just crossed my mind? - naughty train driver should have blasted the horn


It sorta reminds me of the climax of 1976’s _Silver Streak.


For those who like to know what they’re looking at this is the Amtrack station in Rhinecliff NY. That’s a southbound train. The Hudson River is on the left there.


Thanks the northeast corridor is electric, so I was wondering where this was.

So many questions about why the line before looked cleared but the station was not. I wonder if this is a routine clearing and people come to watch. I have been on that beach in ST Maarten where the planes come in at about 30 feet above, so I am thinking it’s something like that, and just got out of hand.


This strikes me as… lawsuit-worthy. That was quite dangerous. Can’t imagine how the fuck this is allowable, but then again, late stage capitalism, yaaaay.


Isn’t suing each other (needlessly) one of the hallmarks of late-stage capitalism?


When the state-(under)funded train does somethng extremely dangerous, for no good reason, with what I would call CLEAR neglect of the safety of the people at the station, you really calling that a needless lawsuit? This is Amtrak which has like the worst safety record on the planet. I ride it all the time, it’s utterly whack, and underfunded by MANY billions of dollars. Yeah, so when the crony capitalists running the government now underfund the state transit systems to the point of utter dangerousness, I’d say yeah, fuck it, sue 'em. I dunno, if you had been, say, holding a baby at the time, and the kid got permanently blinded, I doubt you’d be calling this a needless lawsuit…


No fucking way. No. This was a royal fuckup methinks. And I would not be shocked if someone in that crowd decided to press a suit, unless I’m radically misunderstanding the situation. But again, this appears to have been exceptionally dangerous, this is large volumes of heavy snow being thrown with amazing force, right into the faces of people standing literally a couple of feet away. No way Amtrak would open themselves up to a suit by doing this.


Okay, I get what you’re saying. But I suspect my own chances for a lawsuit would be somewhat undermined by the video of me shouting woowhoo as the tidal wave of snow came upon me.


I’m glad it wasn’t the Acela.


Trains are harmless…