British railway guard kicks racist off train


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Who the hell sees a woman traveling with a child and thinks, “There’s someone I’m going to menace.” What the hell is wrong with people.


Looks like some absurd character from Yes, Minister.


What kind of person? Why, a pathetic loser looking for an easy target.


did they stop the train or just throw him off while it was moving?

Cause he deserved the latter.


This, not ‘Trump-speak’, is what the racists, bigots, and all the other Mussolini* need to hear.

*Plural for ‘Mussolino’, which means ‘little authoritarian’. This has been a message from @Snowlark and @Boundegar. Tell all your friends.


The guard added: “We’re not going to accept it. You’re drunk and racist and you need to get off the train.”

No! No! No!

You’re supposed to engaaaaaaage with them! Have a polite chat about how hurtful their words are and how we’re all on the planet together. They will suddenly discover a sense of shame, their inner core of human decency, and their hearts will grow three sizes that day.

Won’t someone please think of the bullies?!

Oh, wait. Someone did. He’s now in charge of the President of America.


Why do the the master race never have a chin?


I suppose he engaged in this abuse because felt emboldened.

According to the Independent article:

Social media “likes” include Donald Trump and Scottish Conservative groups as well as the BNP and the English Defence League. He has also shared articles about former Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

He was almost famous in right-wing circles.


A coward who wants to engage in bigotry without a high probability of getting the punch in the face that he richly deserves.


Before someone chimes in with the usual Libertarian speak… something something free speech…something something nanny state… something something fines and taxes.

I ask you this you want you fine or the libertarian free market ass beating you richly deserve.


Mrs Shahid, who is also a lawyer

OH SNAP. You done fucked up, sir.


Didn’t you RTFA? He was drunk and racist.



That would be irresponsible.

His hurtling body might have injured a tramp hiking along the right-of-way, or a fox sunning himself on a shed.

Good day to you.


Nice to see someone properly using their authority…

Shame it’s newsworthy.


Evolution. Makes it more difficult to land one on the button if they don’t have a chin. It’s the same reason why James Ellsworth has the same W/L record this year as Brockle Snar. :laughing:


Oh snap, indeed.


That’s the photo he chose for his twitter account?



The only thing that would make the revenge even sweeter is if they end up representing opposite sides of a high-profile legal dispute and she wipes the walls with him in the courtroom.