Canada man goes on racist rant over parking space for his truck


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I don’t understand this thing assholes do where their response to being recorded is to record the interaction themselves, ensuring the existence of a duplicate record for corroboration of their assholery.


“That’s not a threat!”

I’m sure if he hadn’t been driven away the treats would have started.

ETA: I meant to say threats, not treats. Thank you @Melizmatic.


On a douchebag scale of 1 - 10 we got and 11, possibly a 12.


If there is a real Hell, I think it is probably living in that soup of antagonism, fear, and hate. Reality is made up of our perceptions, and for someone’s perceptions to be so dark, so ugly, cold and lacking humanity…

I am not a big enough person to pity him, but living in the world that man sees around him is a fate worse than death, to me.


Neck veins bulging…wait for it…wait for it…dang.



I’ll bet it was on His. Fucking. Driveway!


Canada has noted your feedback and we will make every effort to correct this issue.

We apologize for this offensive behaviour, which we do not support nor condone.

The person responsible will be re-Canadianized by judicious application of maple syrup and episodes of Little Mosque on the Prairie.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Oh, Canada.


Now can we have that redubbed Sassy Style?


To be fair, it was a pretty sweet parking space.






Weird. The only family I know in Ramona is pretty cool and laid-back, with some nice friends.

They are of the millenial generation, though. Maybe that has something to do with it.


If it were here in The States he’d have been taking his life in his hands recording the guy for so long. The guy would likely have been carrying.


Dude, sorry about your penis.


Thank Dog nice folks are settling that area, it’s beautiful and still affordable.

  1. Are we sure that guy was Canadian? Did he say “eh” once? Hell I spend 3 days in Canada and I start saying it.

  2. Yeah - go back to India you Paki… wait… what?

  3. So is this softer racism in Canada? I mean, why go for the Hindu “slur” vs Muslim? Who has an issue with the Hindus?

  4. Technically he didn’t threaten them, just was an asshole and aggressive in the beginning. So maybe even the racists are more polite in Canada.

Eh - we don’t need more fear mongering with hate. While I am sure there are many people in the US who would behave just as the Northern Gentlemen in the video, cases of racists shooting people for video taping them is probably approaching close to 0 per year. If you find a documented example, kudos, but that still doesn’t make it a thing.


I think it’s his butt that hurts.