Canada man goes on racist rant over parking space for his truck


Agreed. But they think they are fully justified in their actions.





Why is always in a truck like this. Why is always one of those.


Did someone say treats?


#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

Clearly someone has not stuffed their Canadian geese to capacity with their hate and anger.


…did he just get in the passenger side?


#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

Funny thing is, that guy is the Abbotsford Chief of Police.



I was already aware that Abbotsford is not the greatest place on earth, but holy shit.

Judging by that dude’s body language and general degree of aggro, I’d say having his face on camera is all that saved the ticket-writer from being physically attacked. Unfortunately, although you don’t always hear people saying this shit out loud, it’s apparently a thing in the area (occasionally some of my usually sane relatives will reveal, in an unguarded moment, a more polite sounding version of a similar worldview).

Fuck this shit.


Seriously? Because I’ve never seen a cop not throw their authority around for such things.



If that was me holding the camera, I would positively regard somebody that angry saying “remember my face, I’ll remember yours” as a threat.

If the RCMP don’t consider it a threat, I’d be quite surprised (though I guess I’m not sure if it rises to the prosecutable level…)


Make Canada Great Again!


It sounded like to me when they were at a distance he said something like “Yeah, remember what I look like, I will remember what you look like…”

I dunno, that would feel threatening to me, but perhaps I misunderstood him.


Yes, this. I hit reply and had to afk a while. Should have reloaded. That’s what I thought I heard, too.


Re “Paki” being a UK thing, it was a common racial slur used in the small Ontario town I grew up in. I left at 18.


You can be threatening without making an overt verbal threat. Proximity and aggression can be threatening in nature.


I’m sad.

I thought (hoped) Canada was the one place I could run to should the racist, xenophobic, misogynist furry Cheeto win the election.

Now where do I run?

Seriously, Canada, send this guy down to us. We, unfortunately, have a spot for him. That way, you can keep yourself the “kinder, gentler America”.


Canada has a broad definition of uttering a threat.
Harm can be “psychological” - so getting up in someone’s face like that, yelling, aka: ACTING threatening, could get you charged. Depends on the cops and the crown.


Racists are everywhere.


This shit is everywhere. If we want it to go away, we’re going to have to stand up to it and let people know it’s not acceptable. Running away (as attractive as that sounds to all of us horrified at the idea of Orange Muppet Hitler becoming president) won’t solve that problem, I’m afraid.