Angry gentleman attempts to run over photographer


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[quote=Notes on the Video]UPDATE: As of 7/11/16 the man has been arrested and charged with the following: felony assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor battery, misdemeanor vandalism. [/quote]Somehow I bet the police were very polite with him, and when he resisted manged to get him into the vehicle unharmed.


That’s what I love about country folk. They get up early and drink more by noon than most people drink all day.


I hope he talks to a lawyer, too. I suspect the local law enforcement (San Diego County Sheriffs Dept.?) won’t do anything about this even though the man clearly endangered their lives.

I once had a economics professor (1990s) who lived out there and he said that some of the people were unhinged.

eta: just saw @emo_pinata’s update, and I’m super surprised.


Yes but does he still not give fuck???


That’s too bad, that guy seems like he has a lot going for him.


Apparently he’s not actually a country folk. He lives in one of the fancy houses up in the nearby hills.

He might THINK he’s country folk, but in general, the actual country folk are pretty chill. Your biggest risk if they see you stopped along a public road is talking your ear off for an hour.


Amen. Worked in an agricultural lab in Central California, and that’s exactly what happens. Farmers/ranchers are incredibly friendly and chatty.


He’s got quite the inflated opinion about the size of his driveway.


I know, I grew up in small towns. At night, when it’s really quiet, I can still hear them talking about something or some such…


IMNOSHO, people who get angry when they drink have no business drinking. On the other hand, I hope he was on something, because being a 240 lbs toddler when sober is considerably more pathetic.


Gonna have to ask my friend who’s lived in Ramona all her life if she knows this guy.


“Which one of you said ‘fuck you’?!”

“uuhhh, that would be you, sir, multiple times.”


I’m sure he slapped the fucking puss out of them.


Jesus, people. It’s his fucking driveway. His. Fucking. Driveway.


It’s cool. It’s highly unlikely that someone with obvious anger management issues, an apparent drinking problem, and a disproportionate sense of entitlement would also own one or more firearms. I can’t imagine him being a real threat to anyone.


From what I hear, it really ties the ranch together.


One time me and my sister were driving somewhere by interstate and saw some burning in a field by the highway so we pulled over right there on the shoulder to take a look. We walked over to the barbed-wire fence to see what the deal was, and pretty soon a farmer came by in his big old (old) tractor. We chatted for a while and he told us he was burning back some fields then invited us in to take a look. We hopped the fence, climbed on the back of the tractor, and got driven around for a half hour while he showed us his operation. It was cool as hell. That’s my kind of friendly.


I’ve watched the video and I’m still not certain if the portly fellow gave a fuck.