Angry guy traps dirt bikers

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What’s the word for voyeuristic watching douchy behavior from the comfort of your easy chair?


We’re supposed to be siding with the trespassing bikers?


So, these stupid kids were trespassing, I get that…but some angry guy in a pick up stalked them, entrapped the kids, laid a trap to kill them (mid-video there’s a pit filled with large round rocks in the shadow of an earth mound), tried to kill them with his pick-up…and nothing happened to angry guy?

I kept waiting for angry guy to go get a shotgun.


Amazing what you can get away with when its on YOUR PROPERTY.


If someone is trespassing on your property, you can tell them to leave. If they don’t, you can call the cops. If you block them from leaving, you are, in practice allowing them to remain on your property. If they aren’t threatening your life or your property, you’re not “defending yourself” if you try to harm them (depending on the specifics of your jurisdiction).


That pit with rocks that you mention is actually a drainage ditch so water won’t flood out the roadway above it. It’s not some kind of trickery.


Around 5 minutes into the video, Angry Old Guy tries to run them over with his truck.

Last I checked, attempted vehicular manslaughter isn’t allowed, regardless of whose property it occurs on.

\\ Now, if it had been a gun and the state had Stand Your Ground laws…


Actually, if you watch the beginning closely, you can see the man digging that pit and filling it with a couple tons of rip-rap before luring the bikers over there.


This is the original video without as obnoxious production. They both got tickets for trespassing (not warnings they mention the $300 tickets later), had to pay for the damages to the U-Haul, and literally cut out one of the two’s dad’s chewing them out. It’s a pretty standard story of teenage trespassing.

The old man appears to be pissed about having seeded the ground they were driving on, and they were “trapped” because they didn’t remember how to get back to the gate of the fence and then he parked his truck in front of it because he had called the cops.


What a couple of stupid, dishonest, vulgar, destructive little punks. I hope their daddies docked their allowances and their mommies made them do their own laundry for a month.


I agree and it is what rationale/sane people like yourself or myself would do. But that’s the issue…you do not know who the whack-jobs are, and when they are “in the right” they justify all sorts of irrational behavior. Solution: don’t trespass on someone’s property and you don’t have to deal with the crazy ones like this old guy.


To give a little color to this, I was ticketed for trespassing when my friends went 4x4ing on undeveloped, unmarked land without any fences. In my story the police blocked us in, drew guns on us, threw a laundry list of bogus charges at us, lied in their police reports, and (because I was not aware of how stupid my parents were about the legal system) I ended up with a year of probation as a 17 year old after my lawyer struck a deal with the DA (with a judge that complained she couldn’t send me to juvenile detention in court). I learned a lot about how to interact with authorities properly, and all my friends whose parents pooled for a capable lawyer all got off entirely.

These two college students drove on what they knew was a farmer’s field, and basically got away entirely and then complained that they provoked a farmer in Texas into doing something batshit crazy.


Luring them over there? At 2:18 you see him driving up as they’re jumping from the drainage area over the road.

He doesn’t lure them anywhere. That drainage isn’t something done on the spur of the moment, it’s been planned out for months if not years and there are plans that have been filed with the local government. There’s a two foot black pipe that comes out under the roadway onto the rocks.

Look, I’m sorry you and your friend got busted for riding your dirt bikes but there’s no reason to keep saying that this guy was out to kill you.


None of which excuses the man for trying to run them over. He hits the U-haul and turns it about 45 degrees with the impact.


Old man is lucky he wasn’t beaten to a blood pulp after nearly running over the dirt bikers. Seriously why not just talk to them rationally and say this is private property you’re not welcome here? I think after nearly being run over by him, I personally would’ve taught him a lesson not to be such a shitty human.



Festival of douchebags. I hate everyone in this video.


I think I agree but honestly I’m impressed the two dirtbike riders didn’t beat the old man within an inch of his life.

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so much this.