Man takes pleasure filming cars being damaged by a large rock placed in driveway

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one of those drivers might find a good lawyer. might not win, but could make life hell for placing a rock in the middle of nowhere just to watch cars get damaged.



So…we DO know? Or is the specific placement in question? Cause

So confused.

Yeah, it’s petty, but if it’s drive and not a public road, I can sympathize (without needing to be that petty about it). I lived on a corner property once, and the drive accessed both sides. The number of people who thought it was just peachy to trespass and bypass the traffic light was kind of mind boggling.

Where I grew up there was a house that was situated by a curve in such a way that speeding (often drunk) drivers wouldn’t make the turn and plow into this nice stone porch. After about the third time this happened (third rebuild), the home owner put a big boulder RIGHT in the path (well inside his yard). A week later a DD plows into the boulder, splits it, totaled his car, and almost died. His lawyers strongly suggested a smaller, less lethal rock.


The rock is painted blue with NHS* written on it.

I wonder what that stands for.


I had a co-worker that was like this. He was a super affable and kind gentlemen right up until somebody used his driveway to turn around. He took all such attempts with grievous personal offense – you would think the driver had vulgarly insulted his dear saintly mother based on his reaction. He absolutely would have installed those strips that rip up car tires at the end of this driveway had his HOA allowed it! A simple rock would be just a good start.

But yeah, the disconnect between the guy that I knew and worked with and the same guy regarding his driveway was striking!


Why is he so petty?

It’s his property, no further reason needs to be given


There is one explanation I can think of, as someone who has had to deal with this type of damage myself: I can imagine the last couple of bricks get broken or moved out of position quite often as a result of these turns, and after a while he probably got sick of the time, energy, and expense of fixing the edge of his driveway.

Or he could just be an angry sort.


As someone looking for a home and seeing stuff nearby high-traffic areas, I’ve often wondered how much protection you can legally add around your home. I feel like this person is being petty, but for the sake of argument, if they had put up more visible bollards, would others have a far weaker legal case?


Man is bellend.

National Health Service


Rocks. For when using urine to mark your territory isn’t good enough.


Why, exactly? Please explain why you think it’s acceptable for complete strangers to use his property to make their lives a bit easier by driving onto it as if it’s public property.
How about I park my car on your property to avoid paying for parking fees? There are plenty of properties I see regularly which have a stretch of grass outside that borders a road with no footpaths, and which often have large stones or concrete pillars along the edge, specifically to stop drivers pulling onto the grass when meeting oncoming vehicles, thus chewing up several meters of grass and turning it into a swamp. It’s their property, they’re responsible for its care and upkeep, so if someone fucks up their car by not driving with care and responsibility, then tough shit, as they say.


So THAT’s the purpose of kidney stones. the best of both worlds.


Because, if he wanted to protect a narrow strip of gravel from cars, then he could place a fence post or a bollard after he realised that what he did use was causing damage to cars because the drivers could not see it. Instead he chose to make a Youtube channel. That is why he is a bellend.

You would be adventurous, since you would have to pass through a 2ft high brick wall with decorative ironmongery set into it. A BMW tried it during lockdown, the wall had some paint transfer, the very bent Beemer had to be towed away.

This is a narrow strip of gravel he is protecting. And the large stone clearly isn’t protecting the small stones.


I’ve a friend who has a house at a dead end. You’d be amazed at how many people stop, and idle their cars in her driveway. Trucks, sometimes, including mail trucks. It’s also a convenient time to dump litter out your car window. This is despite a sign asking people not to use the driveway for a U-turn. The car killing rock is more offensive than what she’d do, but, eventually, she put barrels at the end of her driveway, which she moves when she parks. As do other people who still find that easier than a k turn in the road.


I know I would love to have the nuisance of noise, headlights, and constantly thinking “is someone pulling in my driveway?” at all hours of the day.

However, add one rock and they’ll never return? Seems like a simple solution to me.


Install a permanent post at the end of the drive. Cars won’t drive on your property because they can actually see it. Also, you don’t have to constantly move it back into place to further your petty revenge against drivers who…
(check notes)
drive on a small patch of gravel. :neutral_face:


if the goal is prevention, then making it visible would be the key. making it invisible means he wants to cause people time and money – hurt them – instead. it also prolongs their presence there, defeating the idea of … not having them there.


It doesn’t really seem invisible. The people doing the turns are doing really sloppy turns every time so it’s not like he’s painted it to match the ground or something.

Count me in “he’s preventing people from driving over his property” camp.


Before watching the videos, I assumed that space for turning around was at a premium. But it looks as if there should be plenty of room to make the turns these vehicles are making without getting close to the rock.

Even if the rock was not there, I would not personally be driving my vehicle over that brick edge into the gravel. Who knows what is in there? It’s just asking for a punctured tire.

I do agree the rock was placed there as retribution to this careless driving, which does seem vindictive. But I also feel that the drivers should be aware of where the road is, and should stay on it.