Watch: Angry gentleman shoots out the tires and engine of more than one AT&T truck


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Stand your ground applies to trucks I guess.


Seems like a perfectly reasonable gentleman. Have you ever talked to at&t?


The only thing that can stop an angry AT&T customer with a gun is not an AT&T truck.


Why isn’t the guy filming shooting back? That’s exactly the situation why you all ought to carry guns! For Fucks sake he is reloading at the end of the video … that was the videographers chance to rain lead hot retribution on the bad guy with the gun.


Trucks take longer to remove. Insurance company pays for new tires. AT&T’s premiums don’t measurably rise because this is such a rare occurrence. Tire company makes a couple grand. Florida Man goes to court for felony weapons charge and property destruction, winds up on probation, helping to feed said probation officer’s family, and loses his revolver. Courthouse staff makes half an hour’s wages and a good story. Lawyer makes some money.

People, people…you have it all wrong. He’s a Job Creator!


So, he hates AT&T trucks and to get rid of them, he makes it impossible for them to leave?

Makes sense.


Where’s the good guy with a gun? The NRA terrorist organization says there is always a good guy with a gun to stop these situations.


Well, he’s white. So I guess he is the good guy? :thinking:


And he got a dangerous man off the street!


This is the quality of video I’d expect to produce if I crammed my phone half-way up my butt (camera out, of course) and then filmed from a bent over reverse stance.


Yeah, they’d be hosing him off the street if that dude were black…

Instead it’s ‘begging your pardon citizen, could you please stop blasting your boomstick in random directions for a moment so we could talk about things, m’kay? Just let us know when you are finished! Pip pip, cheerio. Oooooh! Good shot on that one btw sir! You nailed that streetlight from your hip! (muted golf claps can be heard) You should consider a career as a LEO. You’ve got that skinhead mojo, yaknow? That’s a swell 88 tatt ya got there (wink!) We’ll be over here beating up this shifty eyed black guy in the orange vest, he sure looks like a criminal to me! Confess! Who is this AT&T gang! Stop resisting! (wham! smash! pow!) OMG he’s coming right at me!/He’s going for my gun! (suspect is in fetal position) BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM (reloading sounds can be heard)’


To be fair, anyone who has been a customer of AT&T has wanted to do something like this.

ETA - read later he was a retired fire fighter.


Did not know that was an alternate spelling for nutjob. I will remember that.


Maybe it was revenge? In my neighborhood, the guys in the AT&T truck were shooting out phone boxes with a shotgun.

You might think I’m kidding but I’m not.


That’s some real Florida logic for you: I don’t want these trucks to be parked here, so I’ll signal my disapproval by making it more difficult to move the trucks. Hopefully his excuse is that he was high on bath salts.



he’s a retired nut job? He must really have loved his work.


They also have a right to be parked there as it’s a public street. If the trucks are constantly out in the front of his house he has more reason to complain but i highly doubt that was even the case.