FedEx driver delivers racist attacker to the afterlife


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I read the full article, and okay…I’ll say it.



Where can I sign up to give this man some money?


Every now and then, justice is done.


I think I would call this a carriage of justice.


I feel bad for Mr. Warren, it would be a hard thing to have killed a man, even if he is a racist shit bag.


That’s a hell of a punch


Nazis are for punching in the face. Good on him, and I am thankful he was cleared. I do feel bad that he had to do it, but I hope he can come to terms with it.


Excuse me, he was not “killed by his own hatred.” He was killed by being punched in the head. Sounds like he deserved to be taught a lesson, but it strikes me as pretty tasteless and no little bit ironic to exult in a man’s death in order to advertise one’s own moral superiority.


What’s that FEDEX motto? Oh, yeah: “We live to deliver… a punch to racists’ faces”


Yeah, as far as I know being a racist asshole is not a capital offence.


At the same time, nothing is certain in self preservation.


It’s the falling over backwards and hitting one’s head that does the real damage.


It seems that the deceased was in poor health, and that was probably a factor in his demise. Here’s a link to the local paper’s coverage:


First thought:

This is a damn shame this kind of shit keeps happening, but thank goodness the driver had multiple witnesses, and wasn’t killed on sight by the cops… or saddled with any bullshit charges, because he was ‘Black While Defending Himself.’

Second thought:

This man rightfully “stood his ground” when he was actually verbally and physically attacked, without a firearm or external weapon, of any sort.

Let that sink in for a moment…



“If Magnuson hadn’t looked to break the body and soul of a man innocent of all but doing his job”

I have to say, with this piece and the ridiculous one on the supposed European Union transit initiative, the Seamus Bellamy articles I’m reading are really getting my goat. He’s bringing a degree of invective and partiality to BoingBoing that it never had before. Can he not rein in his journalistic excesses?


It is lacking in tact, I’ll give you that. But I don’t see any irony in this situation or the pointed blog post.

People should stop being racist assholes.


“Please, won’t somebody think of the racists?”


Even though he was a racist there is nothing humorous about this story and headline makes me sick.