FedEx driver screamed and cursed at by racist driveway owner while delivering a package to his house

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If he is lucky FedEx will blacklist his address, and he will be safe from all future driveway incursions.

Congratulations on your victory driveway owner. :man_facepalming:

Also I am not sure how the wife expected to get her package by yelling while her husband was yelling?. Class acts all around.


Goddam delivery drivers and their packages I ordered - when will they ever learn?


Where exactly does this very stable genius expect the delivery driver to drive?

It’s a driveway. The clue is in the name.

Would he genuinely be happier if the delivery driver chose to drive on his lawn instead?

This man is unfathomably wrong, and his wife is clearly similarly afflicted…


The “guy who owns two driveways” (like Alex Moffat’s “Guy who just bought a boat” on SNL’s Weekend Update, but more of an asshole) followed the correct procedure for refusing a delivery so I’m guessing the package will be returned to its sender. The woman who demanded the package can just wait for it to be returned and make alternate arrangements for it to be delivered again.


I’m pretty sure that’s Arthur “Two Driveways” Jackson.


Our drive to and from a particular job site involves a stretch of road through two wealthy waterfront communities. Very large mansions with very long driveways, most you could turn around any size truck in the driveway, but…

Delivery trucks and landscaping trucks are allowed to block a lane of traffic to deliver or cut the lawn because rich people don’t want no trucks in their driveway.

The delivery guys have to leave their truck in the road and then walk several hundred feet or more.

I don’t get it.

On my average private road I’m always apologizing to the delivery drivers for the way my neighbors treat them.


Ironically, the FedEx package was his recent purchase of “Private Property-Keep Off” signs.


These are clearly the fake rich, a truly rich person would have a servants entrance around back with a delivery driveway for these lesser people to use.




I know it can be a nasty world but…really? Was this country like this pre COVID or did that bring out the worst in us?


Washington State per the article. ETA–I can’t tell what part of the state, though. The Eastern WA in me is thinking Yakima, but everyone craps on Yakima.


Very well handled by the driver. Kept his cool, asked the man politely not to yell at him, asked if he wanted his package, and drove away calmly when the asshat said no. Not easy to keep your cool in a situation like that.


And pay. Don’t forget that she’ll have to pay extra shipping to have it shipped again. (This happens occasionally when our customers don’t make arrangements to receive their packages. Their orders get shipped back if they ignore the sticky note.)


I think it was always like this. Ubiquitous surveillance just lets us see it more.


my guess he wanted him to park on the street and walk it in. if that is his policy, he needs a sign. i hope whatever was in that package was something those asshats desperately needed.


I think the gentleman racist was triggered by the perceived speed of the truck.

Rinse and repeat. I can see this turning into an ongoing spectator sport, locals turning up to see the parcel come back, only for the asshole driveways owner tell the delivery driver to fuck off.
If only there was a way of preventing entitled dickheads like these breeding.

  • I don’t know if delivery drivers are/aren’t unionized

But, this would be an excellent educational video for converting reluctant workers to unionize.


I agree but at the same time, I see more and more negative attitudes like this as I walk around my home town or as I travel. Maybe this is old guy yelling at the clouds but it just seems like there is a lot more anger in everyday people these days and those people are more apt to be verbal about it.