How to deliver a large package when a tall fence blocks your way

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i was expecting a more discus-thrower like windup and spin first, but hey, that works too.


Without watching the video…

Caber toss?


He was good enough to throw it on the soft soil rather than the asphalt.

But if you’re gonna have fences to keep out the poor, be ready when your delivery is due.


Call that a fence?

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Here’s our security footage of the Amazon driver giving our new microwave oven the white glove treatment. Note: sound should be on for full effect.

Yes, we sent it back without opening it.


My gut feeling tells me this is the least of abuses that TV has suffered in the logistics chain since its (the TV’s) creation.


Dude you’re gettin’ a new job!


While what this person did is unacceptable behavior, I would like to point out that residential logistics drivers are disgustingly overworked, mistreated, and underpaid. The mindset here was almost certainly not one of “ha, fuck yo’ TV!” and probably something much closer to, “oh for fuck’s sake, I have 60 more deliveries to finish in the next two hours and these assholes have to have a fence. Is anybody even home? Fuck this, I don’t have the time, if it’s broken they can deal with exchanging it.”

Again, I’m not saying this was right, but I’m also not going to overlook the fact that the driver is responding to a pretty shitty situation in a completely understandable way given the way they are treated by their employer. In theory FedEx is better to work for than UPS, but knowing people who work for both those companies as well as the USPS, I can’t say that I blame people for being critically unhappy and dangerously overworked.

I guess my point is, maybe consider that perspective before the thread turns into three minutes hate?


After that video’s been spread around the internet? Not likely.



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It’s probably not a good idea to toss the package, but I still have much more sympathy for that FedEx worker than I do for the rich people who feel they need to use that fence to “protect” their home from the common folk.

If the TV is damaged, it’s almost certainly insured, and will be replaced. But now this guy might be out of a job, because the more privileged homeowner decided to punish this FedEx worker for possibly damaging a television, a rude but not immoral act. Meanwhile, bankers who live in houses like this rip off pension funds without any negative consequences. It’s such bullshit.

Fuck those entitled assholes who value televisions over other human beings.


Having worked as a ‘stockboy’ for Williams-Sonoma, nobody - absolutely nobody - in the company gave a rat’s ass about how the thing got to the cash register. A customer would request a specific color of Kitchenaid mixer, and the bitchy cashiers would snottily nag us via walkie-talkie to deliver it immediately, if not sooner. No matter how fast we were, the cashiers always knew we were dawdling: “Finally. Did you stop and have a cup of coffee?” So, one of us would climb the metal shelves to reach the top of the teetering tower of boxed mixers, and begin swatting them to the floor while feverish searching for the requested color. The way they were packaged, we got away with it. Also, the seasonal stockboys were all fired as soon as the Xmas rush was over, so we wouldn’t have been there to get punished if one of them was damaged, anyway. The snotty cashiers were permanent hires, though…they got to deal with any fallout.


Don’t worry everyone! The TV is probably fine.

When I worked in for a TV manufacturer they would periodically drop test TVs in their packaging off a production line.

They’d get a fork lift and dangling the TV from the fork. Use a tape measure to raise it to a certain height and push it till it fell. They’d unpackaged the TV, plug it in and if it still worked it would get boxed and shipped!


But buying things on the internet is so efficient! This flat-panel full of toxic materials is headed to a ‘recycling facility’ as we speak and another is on the way! That’s efficiency.



Nothing so graceful, unfortunately.


Should install a catapult or trebuchet on delivery trucks for maximum hurling efficiency


I don’t think this is unacceptable at all. The packaging for is designed to handle that amount of abuse. It’s why these things are packed in a big box with lots of spacing around it. When the trucks are loaded, packages are tossed into them if there’s not a conveyer running into the truck to save time.


He could have reached over the fence and dropped it from a fraction of that height.


Exactly. On the one side we have a critically overworked and underpaid residential logistics driver, on the other side we have people living on a circle drive behind a dragon’s tooth fence and a locked gate. I know who I sympathize with in this situation.