Poor Attempts at Hiding Package Deliveries: The Ultimate Photo Gallery


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Depending upon the terrain and the view from the street, this one might actually be somewhat clever:


I’m not sure what’s up with all of the doormat ones, but I’ve seen that around a lot. The one wedged up under the awning was pretty clever actually, if it weren’t for the delivery tag on the door. Best I ever got personally was a package tossed up onto my second story apartment balcony.




Somehow this is adorable, like the packages are peeking out from the tiny welcome mats. Like a dog “hiding” by sticking its head behind a curtain, or a baby covering its eyes.


Where’s my Coke?



This is probably the only joy the ups people have in their job. Let them have it.
It’s rather endearing.


“Cow feces”? How the eff does THAT happen?


Good eyes; I didn’t even catch that at first.

Although I think the better question is this:

Why the unhappy fuck did they still bother delivering it?!?!


Sounds unlikely to me. I call BS.


Potato chips made with olestra


Maybe it was an UPS women…


We see what you did there. Works especially well with the new avatar!

But yeah… how does cow feces leak from other mail?!


So to give these delivery drivers the benefit of the doubt, maybe they’re just putting the mat on the boxes to keep the rain off?


At least these were delivered to the correct addresses (I assume). One time I had a package “delivered” when I was home, spent a day with FedEx on the phone tracking it down, only to have an honest neighbor from a block down deliver it. Good thing he didn’t know what Sonos speakers are.


Could be he did, but was just honest. We honest folk aren’t necessarily ignorant.


Someone ordered fertilizer?


Yeah, but then wouldn’t the description of the damage be due to “fertilizer”? “Cow feces” seems a little too… descriptive, I guess.


Maybe the delivery guy has a sense of humor… and who knows what people have shipped.


Yeah, could be from samples being shipped for testing.

I’ve heard stories from someone who worked in a hospital mail-room…