Longer video of Native Americans, MAGA cap high-schoolers, and Black Hebrew Israelites encounter tells a different story

The adults chaperoning these kids should have never let the interaction escalate. Its their responsibility to manage the behavior of these kids.


Jeez indeed. Crucifixion is too good.

Ummm, HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! Yeah, i would have to say this woman just sealed her son’s fate, if it wasn’t already. I know I should stop being shocked by the amount of racism in the MAGA camp, but I really still am. Every time I think they have hit bottom, some asshole starts digging faster.


Thousands of young idiots proudly displayed images of evil, such as Mao and Che, without causing any great harm. Many of them turned out okay as I’m sure most of these classmates will.

Very handy to have a hat to point to and call out the enemy; rallies the troops.

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You forgot to say “both sides!”


When a POC is taunted, they are obligated to walk away without escalating the situation in any way (for a recent example, see the remarks made about the black FedEx driver in this thread).

When a white person is taunted, they are obligated to be an obnoxious, threatening little shit who’s just standing up for themselves. (:roll_eyes: to both of those sentiments)

Ah yes, the life-ruining shame of being called out for doing something bad that has destroyed the lives of so many white men, who go on to suffer the grave consequences of, say, sitting on the Supreme Court or triumphantly returning to the comedic stage to joke about masturbating in front of women and calling trans teenagers snowflakes. The horror.

To pick up from my comment in the previous thread: I went to a different private Catholic high school in the same diocese as CovCath when I was growing up. In my senior year, we put on a performance of The Sound of Music at a nearby theater. Before one of our dress rehearsals, some of the kids decided to save themselves some time and take advantage of the more private facilities at school, and changed into their costumes before walking to the theater.

Some of them were playing the Nazis in the final act. You can probably imagine how that went down with the neighbors.

Those kids got a serious dressing-down from the teacher who was directing the play in front of the entire cast, and were very nearly suspended. When there is institutional will, it is possible to do the right thing and call out kids’ stupid, shitty behavior rather than make excuses for it.

To be sure, my school was hardly a beacon of progressive values. Like CovCath, it costs a fortune to go there. It was and is overwhelmingly white, both in terms of student and faculty composition. While girls are admitted (a development which predated my attendance, but was still fairly recent), there are plenty more boys than girls in each grade. We literally shared a parking lot with a church. The fact that changing into a costume with a swastika on the arm didn’t throw any sort of alarm bell in my classmates’ heads makes it pretty clear that there was a hell of a lot of white privilege floating around. But the contrast between the education and upbringing I received there, and what had to have gone on at CovCath to produce these little shitheads, is stark. Anybody attempting to excuse or justify the behavior of these boys is telling on themselves.


There a is a huge difference. Mao and Che did not have a political movement behind them that controls 5/6 of the US government. Mao and Che had virtually no impact on the everyday lives of most Americans. Not so here. This is domestic. Makes all the difference in the world.



Not to mention that “wearing a MAGA hat” is not why these kids are getting called out. It’s “wearing a MAGA hat while acting like racist assholes” that is warranting the coverage. Nobody would have said boo if they’d just worn their hats to the March For Controlling Women’s Bodies and then left (which is, itself, a whole other can of worms).


And stepping onto the court, which should have been called. But yeah, not at all shocked. Not even surprised. Really wish I were.




I have a feeling this unexpected spotlight is about to show all kinds of unpleasant truths about that school, and the kind of educational environment they foster there.


Because I’m not advocating hate?



“You keep saying these words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.”
( Apologies to meme masters out there. I am challenged in this area.)


Because your glib whataboutism/both-sides/‘no big deal’/muddying the waters mentality isn’t “harmless” or ‘victimless.’

It’s passive complicitness.


Okay, I think we’re gonna have to bring back “Yikes!”


Just like racism and all the lame-ass excuses for it, ‘yikes’ never “went” anywhere.

It has always been there.


Yeah it’s a school that sent their students to the March For Life.

For the adults in the room to have prevented this thing. You’d have to be talking about people who think this sort of thing is bad. Given the reactions from parents and the school it’s quite clear that isn’t the case.

The two aren’t exactly disconnected.