High schooler yanks MAGA hat off classmates head, slaps teacher, earns suspension

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Hm. Why was a teacher escorting a student, and not a resource officer? Did this teacher put their hands on the student and if so does that comply with district policy? What was said by the hat-wearer in the lead up to this alleged assault?


“verbally talking” Is that a term for using 2 verbs when only 1 is required?


Based on her father’s statement it looks like Ms. Butler will take the consequences for her actions. That’s more than you can say for most people from “the party of personal responsibility” who wear that symbol of right-wing populist xenophobia and bigotry and who’ve pried open the political divide to unprecedented levels.


Hitting a fellow student or teacher isn’t okay, but kids fight. It’s not good and it should be discouraged, but criminal prosecution for a school fight is nuts. When I was in school, before they were turned into mini-prisons, this sort of thing would merit detention or maybe in-school suspension at most.




By suggesting we put an image of Jo-Ann Butler on a special commemorative stamp, I am in no way condoning violence.


Her father sounds like a white liberal moderate. Fuck him.


Yep, they’re white.

To clarify this: “That’s not how I would have handled it” is the watchphrase of people who want to be “liberal” but don’t want to fight for what they say they believe. The daughter gets it.

Also, I 100% don’t believe she slapped the teacher. I’ll bet she briefly touched the woman, and they piled on another charge.


Yea I know my english is terrible, but my math is pretty good so I became an engineer. Now let’s see if I can edit that post.


It sounds from the article like her hitting the teacher was caught on camera and seen by the deputy so that charge was going to be filed no matter what. It’s less clear if anyone will be able to make the case that yanking the cap off the student is as obvious and egregious.


* unless in self defense


What’s your point?


That there are situations where it’s perfectly fine to hit a teacher or student if you are in danger.

Was that not clear in my reply?


Cool, bro. AWESOME that you can judge them as deserving of violence simply due to their skin color and lack of agreement with your own rigid ideological position. That’s never going to just lead to more intolerance and more violence.

Jesus, do people even hear themselves tossing out all the reactionary, calls for violence for anyone they don’t agree with?


Feel you’re in danger, or are in danger?

Obviously self-defense is an exception. There are exceptions to most rules. I’m asking what your point is in pointing that exception out in this particular discussion. I’m not trying to be difficult. I just don’t want to make assumptions about what you’re implying.


It’s a hard line to walk, being antifa-ishly inclined in this day and age.

It is clear what Trump represents – regressive, racist, misogyny etc. and his aims are fairly compatible and comfortable with fascism. We know that his supporters intentionally ignored or at least partially agreed with these things; we know a smaller (?) portion of his base are out white supremacists.

But are we there yet? Are we at the point where we can start swinging our bats at the heads of “Patriots” knowing that our mammalian gut reaction to the reptilian fascist urge is sound? That the very principles of democracy, fairness, justice, compassion, and freedom are truly under threat?

Or are we swinging out prematurely? Playing the fool? Being manipulated to the ends of the Trump narrative to be re-framed as “intolerant and hysterical anti-free speech leftists” proving to the swing voters indeed what a sorry state these liberals have fallen into?

I’ve quoted Karl Popper on when do we become rigid and intolerant to intolerance, but I haven’t an actual clue, a threshold to measure to clearly say “aha! This here is true fascism and I must now go into the streets and march against this!” And then how do we factor in the teachings of MLK and Gandhi we love to trot out whenever riots break out?



If more people had her courage, America would not be in the trouble it is now. At least she’ll have a story to tell when they ask, sitting around the campfire, “what did you do when Trump became president?”


Violence is the language of force.

Rhetoric is the language of politics and academia.

This student has access to all of those. She chose violence.


And I would bet any money that if she’d simply taken an opposing sports team hat, detention at most would have been all that happened.


It’s also the watchphrase of adults with teenaged children.