Baraboo High Schoolers give Nazi salute at junior prom


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The broflake photog melts before your very eyes…


The zoomed photo has since been understandably blurred, but yesterday his face was clear and his expression said I gotta get out of this town.


The lad (right of centre) appears to have not got the memo, and is a doing Black Power Salute.


It’s the New America!

White supremecy is the right supremacy! :+1:


Intentionally ambiguous. Is he upset at the mean Nazis, or the mean people who don’t like Nazis?


Gotta love when fake white power symbols become real ones.


AFAIK this was never expected by those involved to go public, so I don’t know why he’d be thinking about the people who dislike Nazis if he wasn’t one of the people who dislikes Nazis, but I could be wrong. Apparently the photographer also spent about half an hour being creepy while he took the girls’ pictures. Going by some of the accounts alleged by students, the school is also basically racist bullies gone wild.



Perhaps a field trip to Auschwitz is in order for the boys of Baraboo.


Wouldn’t that just potentially turn some of them on?


Somewhere in that photo is the next Tucker Carlson.



I fixed that for you.


Or maybe the Holocaust Museum in DC. It’s closer.


Afterward the class leaves a comment in the book saying “very educational, we learned a lot” and the curators aren’t sure they took home the right message.


In any other circumstance it would be assumed to be the circle game. Maybe he still meant to do that, but when you are surrounded by Nazis, anything you do will be tainted.




I’m so mad that white supremacists ruined the circle game. I used to play that as a kid with my older cousin before he moved, and if I died before him, I had planned to have my hand doing that in the casket… Now I can’t because racists assholes ruin everything good in life.


No, they’ve co-opted it and made it into a white supremacist sign now. Assholes.