Baraboo High Schoolers give Nazi salute at junior prom

It is but it isn’t because it is so widely used by other people for other things. Just like a shirt with “88” on it. There are so many other “legit” uses of the number that not everyone sporting it on a shirt is a Nazi.

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I think the fact that the guy is grinning like a jack ass while a bunch of his friends give a nazi salute gives you the context. Unfuck all this white boy scum bags and their trollish embrace of white power. They are making the world a worse place.

And read the post above mine. These are a class of bullies who delight in cause others pain. I’m so sick of these people. Sick to death of them.


I feel bad for Jordan because I have a feeling his Senior year is going to be a living hell.


So many bow ties. . . it’s like a “Where’s Waldo?” for Tucker Carlson.


Perhaps he’s just upset that his choices have reflected badly on him and desperately wants that to be some one else’s fault.


These morons always been here, and it’s catastrophically naive to think that this type of behavior has not been emboldened and “normalized” by our “very fine people” loving president. When he’s gone, they need to crawl back under their rocks, and into their mommy’s basements, and never come back out. If these boys weren’t “INCEL” before this photo was taken, hopefully they are NOW.


I’m simply amazed at how many of them look like poster-boys for the Alt-Right. I do have to question whether my eyes are being informed by the context, and to remind myself that they are kids, but seriously, so many undercut/hippler/whatever-its-called haircut.

But then, I think even the kids without it look Alt-Rightish, so either it’s just my brain responding to context, or it’s private school haircuts and faces.

If it’s ambiguous, it’s not intentionally so. He’s definitely claiming that all those who called out the Nazism are the “jerks.” Add another page to the “We’re the persecuted ones” book each of these kids will be able to recite.


One teen poses with the OK sign, as often appropriated by white supremacists under the fig leaf of “trolling”, while others smile without participating. One unsmiling lad raises his fist instead, a traditionally socialist gesture also adopted by the black power movement. One, named as Jordan Blue, conspiciously stands aside and frowns at the camera and is emerging as the photo’s folk hero.

And then there’s the guy on the lower right who’s cracking up, because it’s not like any of the people giving the “ironic” salute would ever come after him.

This photo is a microcosm of how easily a society can go fascist.


Jordan Blue’s experience reminds me of enduring my own closed-minded high school. One more year, my dude. You can make it!


I think I know how that would end.


Circle game?
Like these guys?


That’s the kind of plausible deniability that gets a lot harder to maintain when you’re constantly surrounding yourself with Nazis.


Is there another kind?


No of course not. My point was that these assholes are just out to hurt others. Period.


Their (great) grandfathers would be torn between locking them in the woodshed or turning them in as Nazi spies. Has anyone actually explained to these kids how much and why they would be a disgrace to their forebears?


Reading the twitter thread the other day, what really struck me was an accusation of “whataboutism” on the part of a school official, who supposedly responded to a complaint that students were shouting “white power” in school by telling the complainant to look up what nasty things BLM was saying about cops… That just makes it sound like the ultimate problem is that the school itself is run by white supremacists. (Which is probably true.)

I think it’s actually unintentionally incoherent. He does seem to be blaming people upset about the Nazi salute for being “malevolent” meanies with an “urge to destroy.” Whereas he’s chosen “not to [harm] them” (“Them” referring to students, I guess?)
When he says, “To anyone that was hurt I sincerely apologize” it seems like he’s not apologizing for the salute, but that he and the students are getting backlash for the photograph he took. Essentially he seems to be apologizing that his photograph opened up people for “destruction” by “JERKS” “on the internet.”


I never thought we’d see clowns like this in Baraboo.


Whatever happened to “say CHEESE”? Or “Give me your best Zoolander look”?

I’m a little cautious about putting too much of this on 15 year-old boys. The photographer though should very definitely not be working with kids. Or vertebrates for that matter.

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