Vice's video about white supremacists in Charlottesville


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“We do not have the camaraderie”

Correct…because you’re a racist, misogynistic, moronic fucktard. Why would anyone want to be on your side?

Also, “true patriots” who spout german words and slogans?


what an asshole


Have to watch later.

Though feel free to share my FB post today.

Jack Kirby helped create many of the beloved Characters in the Marvel Universe. He was also in WWII with Company F of the 11th Infantry Regiment.


Whew, these mother fuckers are sicker than I ever imagined.


This was an excellent piece of reporting. I found it very hard to watch.


Dear gods, I hope there’s some trauma counseling available for the reporter, too. Holy crap that was hard to watch. I’m in a bit of shock.


This is a cancer and it will destroy our society if we don’t stop it immediately.



And repeat everywhere!


But they’re celebrating diversity with those Chinese made tiki torches.


Interesting update. Still, what an absolutely amazing documentary if only for the footage and interviews with the nazi crowd. That reporter, Elle Reeve, is my new hero.


I know there are some of these right-wing marchers who say they’re not racist, that they’re just “standing up for white culture” (as if that’s some kind of reasonable explanation) but Jesus Kee-rhist, here we have some of the principle organizers of the event on camera, in their own words, talking about Jews and Blacks as “filth” and boasting about how they plan to get more violent.

So who are these “fine people” Trump was talking about?



Perhaps he finds them physically attractive? Or maybe very tiny? /s


So basically. . . he’s a troll. He’s there for the “lulz.”

“Shit man, this is nowhere near as fun as reddit or 4chan!”

I might add: a lot less acne than I imagined.


He’s there for the lulz, but his lulz include beating and murdering PoC. So long as they are outnumbered and defenceless.

He’s visibly getting his “courage” back by the end of the clip, unfortunately. The shirt and hat will go back on as soon as he feels safe to do so.

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