The "crying white supremacist" was a parking meter officer harasser (Colbert Report 2014)


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I wish that people would see the hypocrisy of people like this man. He’s crying in one video how “we tried to keep this peaceful” and in the VICE piece you see him unpacking all his armaments and him glorifying how he was armed to the teeth and ready for a fight.

If you wanted it to be peaceful you’d have dressed like these folks did…

The only weapon they carried were their unwavering ideals.


“Cops & Sobbers”, lol!


Discussion on the video is here.


A more disgusting coward would be difficult to find.


They couldn’t stop this meter maid.



So they called the meter maid guy who served in Iraq a racist? Well if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle a brown baby…




So, is this guy an actor? Because he’s either naturally hilarious or there’s something going on.



He’s a performance artist. Apparently that’s what they call themselves when they get called out for their nonsense.


This asshole deserves no quarter.


Did you watch the video? The parking enforcement officer, who was an Iraq veteran, got called a racist by the guy who would later be revealed as a Nazi.

Am I missing something?



There is a rather comprehensive article on this guy over on the Southern Poverty Law Centers website. My favorite bit of the article has to be this quote -

“Cantwell has admitted on his show and to Hatewatch that he has abused a host of drugs in myriad and unusual ways — everything from chocolate drenched hallucinogenic mushrooms to meth injected up his anus.”

Why is nobody reporting on this? He thinks he is part of the master race, AND HE USED TO PUT METH IN HIS BUTT!


I love me some B Kliban!


I’ll just leave this here . . . butt-meth was nothing to the Nazis.



Really? I knew the Nazi’s liked their meth, but I didn’t know that “butt-meth” was a thing. Or even that it was a WWII thing.


Would that make him an…asscracker.

(I’ll just show myself out now…)


One thing that I notice on all these people is that they clearly seem to have a mental health issue. Not something hardcore like schizophrenia, but some mood disorder, like bipolar disorder. I imagine them watching the Alex Joneses of the net and reinforcing all this crap.