An accused murderer is afraid his Confederate-themed license plate might identify him as a racist

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So the racist murderer is afraid people will identify him as a racist murderer?

It’s almost like he knows that it’s wrong. Which means he’s fit to stand trial and be punished for his crimes, if found guilty. Of the things that he’s more or less admitted to and got caught on tape…


Oh, I thought that losers flag was your HERITAGE?


Your honour, it’s, just an unfortunate co-incidence that my racist sociopath client chose to fly the colours of a genocidal slavery state.


The judge also said that a registered nurse’s "highly questionable diagnosis"that Arbery suffered from mental illness

RNs diagnose? Nurse practitioners, sure, but not RNs. At least where I’m from. As for being admissible expert testimony, this seems really unlikely (Daubert).


I’m sure there are plenty of other charming affectations that will identify this asshat as a racist.



You are what you eat my mother used to say.


Geez! Really? The dude’s a racist murderer. No doubt. And The Root unapologetic about using racial epitaphs. That’s them. But I would think Boingboing would have a little more class than to echo racial stuff.


echo racial stuff
echo racial stuff
echo racial stuff
echo racial stuff
echo racial stuff
GTFO with that shit

This was the only response I could muster within community guidelines to the notion that calling a racist murderer a “craka” is beyond the pale


Travis McMichael had to get creative after the white privilege defense that had worked so well in the past was taken away.


At least his lawyers do. As for the defendant… ???


He’s certainly not above being called anything in the book. But I see no reason why the rest of us should happily ignore the type of language a racist murderer would approve of. I think we are better than him. Some may disagree.

I will continue to accurately quote sources used on the blog, and when I feel someone is worth quoting, I will use their own language.

I will not censor The Root for you.


I couldn’t quite follow what the defense argument is. Are they arguing Freeze Peach, i.e. freedom of speech is the right to be overtly racist without suffering any negative consequences?


Ah, but was that the only source you could have quoted? I’m not asking you to censor The Root. They can do whatever they want. It would be foolish of me to even complain there. That kind of language is their shtick. But I’m guessing they weren’t the original source material, since they refer to the court. So you weren’t just quoting a source. You were choosing a source. If it was in court records, oh hell yeah, that’d be an awesome quote. The Root, not so much.

When you chose to quote any source that uses a racial slur over another that doesn’t, it could be for several reasons. You didn’t notice, wanted to highlight the casual racism of the source, or you are making an editorial choice that you are comfortable with the slur. Heck, I’m not even debating that the slur isn’t warranted for this particular asshole. But should we be tolerant of racial slurs just because it’s a quote or rather appropriate?

Honestly, I don’t think you or anyone here is ok with racial slurs. I just think it was an oversight on your part because it does seem appropriate for that racist murderer and easy to overlook. It just wasn’t part of the actual news. Take my opinion for what it’s worth … pretty much nothing.


I found the story on The Root. I rarely go hunting for a better source on something and follow the common courtesy and currency of the Internet by linking to the place I found it. When folks send me links to a FOX item, I look for another, more credible source to who I would like to send the traffic.

When I find a story one place but then link or embed another source, they offer something better than my OG source, but I do credit the OG source as well. Our CMS dislikes embedding some sources.

To be further clear, I believe you are disingenuously attempting to brand me a racist because I read The Root and offer them the same courtesy I do every other site I use as a source. I actively saw what they wrote and happily quoted it if that’s what they wanted to write. The Root has been an excellent place to find stories to share on Boing Boing.


I too, am upset that it wasn’t spelled correctly.


Racist murders are some of the only people that do care about calling people craka.


I’m actually totally okay with being called a cracker or a honky if my behavior warrants it. I think when racial inequities are evened out more (meaning, other races get to enjoy all of the privilege that we white folks benefit from) we can reevaluate.
It’s more about the power dynamic to me. And TBC, not limited to race.


It really has. The writers there, especially Michael Harriot, do an excellent job breaking down racism in America, bring in a great deal of levity in the process.

Anyways, some thoughts on the term in question…

It just does not have the same direct and heavy baggage, even if you take it’s etymology into account.

But I hope that cracker gets convicted and sent up the river. We’ve let these types dominate politics here in GA for far too long now. Time for them to step aside and let us have some actual progress on these issues.

Eugene Levy Shrug GIF by Vanity Fair

Also… cracker and honky are just funny words. They just are.