Racists blubber in court as judge jails them for threatening black child's birthday party with shotgun

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White people, convicted, in Georgia, for being in a gang?!?

This could only be more poetic if the judge were the Honorable James T. Crow.

8-30 (b) The General Assembly, however, further finds that the
8-31 State of Georgia is in a state of crisis which has been
8-32 caused by violent street gangs whose members threaten,
8-33 terrorize, and commit a multitude of crimes against the
8-34 peaceful citizens of their neighborhoods. These
8-35 activities, both individually and collectively, present a
8-36 clear and present danger to public order and safety and
8-37 are not constitutionally protected.

as passed, c. 1998


Adios mofos.


More trash to send into the sun.


So we are looking at two new potential Aryan Brotherhood members…

(While I don’t have any first hand experience with prison, maybe it’s somewhere between Oz and Orange Is The New Black?)


This event seems to prove otherwise.


It’s not surprising they were sentenced. It’s just amazing they thought their behavior was okay. Even Klansmen hide under sheets - because they know they’re doing evil.


Norton’s Facebook page is still up. Why do people keep them accessible for the world to see after they’ve been accused of crimes?

Maybe I shouldn’t be, but I am a little surprised by how many black facebook friends she has…



Norton apologized for her role in the incident saying, “I want you all to know that is not me. That is not me, that is not him. I would never walk up to you and say those words to you. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I am so sorry.”

This reaction is interesting. While they had a mob on trucks waving confederate flags and pointing guns, I’m sure it was easy to be racist and threaten to kill all the people at the party, saying the things your favorite Aryan websites say and thinking of that family and their kids as Bad Things To Kill. But face-to-face with them, they react as if other people did these terrible things – not them. They can’t conceive of themselves as being bad people who threatened others’ lives because of the color of their skin.


Reality check - armed, racist parades through the streets are NOT okay, no matter how many of your friends agree with your point of view, and you’re going to prison. YOU are the bad guys here, and that really shouldn’t be a shock to you, should it? Oh… wow.


I’m more surprised that these white racist folk were even charged (and convicted) of making terroristic threats. As far as America goes, white people are wholly incapable of committing acts of terror. Only brown people do.


There are some serious pockets of humanity out there, as ignorant of the outside world as they are of the cold, hard facts of their own realities for as long as they can avoid facing up to them.


I keep trying to understand this sentence:
“This is behavior that even supporters of the Confederate battle flag can agree is criminal and shouldn’t be allowed,”

Like, isn’t that admitting what we all truly believe about “the Confederate battle flag”?


Of course they had good reason to believe they’d get away with it, especially under the current political climate.


I was thinking as they sat there sobbing rather dramatically that they weren’t crying because of remorse but for the sudden realization that they had been outed as evil people.


That’s one small image


It has to do with the wording of the statute. The statute was written somewhat specifically to exempt ‘people’ who might be concerned by ‘flags’ (in 1998, while Gingrich was the Speaker of the US House).

8-17 (a) The General Assembly finds and declares that it is the
8-18 right of every person to be secure and protected from
8-19 fear, intimidation, and physical harm caused by the
8-20 activities of violent groups and individuals. It is not
8-21 the intent of this chapter to interfere with the exercise
8-22 of the constitutionally protected rights of freedom of
8-23 expression and association. The General Assembly
8-24 recognizes the constitutional right of every citizen to
8-25 harbor and express beliefs on any lawful subject
8-26 whatsoever, to associate lawfully with others who share
8-27 similar beliefs, to petition lawfully constituted
8-28 authority for a redress of perceived grievances, and to
8-29 participate in the electoral process.


Yeah, I mean, as the story says, initially police didn’t lay any charges. I’d wage the only reason these people are going to prison is because there was a kid’s birthday party on the street that day. If they had done a racist parade down the street any other day they probably would have gotten away with it. But pointing shotguns at and screaming racist insults at children at a birthday party was just too much for white people to try to justify in the end.