Ahmaud Arbery's murderers get life

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Adios racist shitbags, life + 20 years.


Never forget that local DAs repeatedly opted against arresting these racist psychopaths until national pressure pushed the state into further action.

If the monsters hadn’t filmed their own crime all three would not only be free right now, they’d have been hailed as community heroes.


“strayed into their neighborhood”



I hate to say this, but you know their lawyers are going to appeal the current verdict. We can’t definitively say these scumbags are going to spend the rest of their lives in prison until the appeals process plays out.


Life without parole plus 20 years. So are they going to be buried in the prison courtyard for 20 years after they die?

Bryan is eligible for parole after 30 years, but his Federal trial still has to take place and he could be sentenced to the death penalty. So assuming he is, will he serve 30 years in state prison, then federal death row and finally be executed?

There still remains the trial of Jackie Johnson, the Brunswick DA who refused to prosecute and tried to bury the case to save her buddy McMichael. Waycross DA George Barnhill hasn’t been prosecuted yet, but really should, but he eventually recused himself so perhaps that’s why he wasn’t.




All lawyers appeal life sentences and death sentences. I’d be really surprised, given how they themselves were chided for trying to eliminate black people from the jury, if they find any reversible error.

These assholes are gone.


The Biden administration and all future democrat administrations will have federal death penalty moratoriums until it is eliminated. Republicans won’t execute this guy. As for the federal and state charges, typically when both are used, the sentences are concurrent. If he gets life without parole in the federal case, then he’ll serve his 30 years (plus the other felonies he got), and then be transferred over to federal custody for any remaining time on the concurrent federal sentences. Odds are he’s just going to plea to avoid a trial and run the chance of serving life.


Still not long enough.


By putting it that way I’m trying to evoke something particular about the mentality of nextdoor racist guys like this. Perhaps embittered sarcasm isn’t the right thing for this post? I’ll change it if I missed.


Your call. But I guess I missed the nuance and commentary that contextualized it, as it jumped out as racist to me.

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They might pardon him though. Ick.


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FYI, one of our local journalists, Hank Klibanoff devoted the most recent season of his podcast to the case (which does not go all the way to sentencing, but I imagine they’ll update it with a new episode soon):

I have not gotten around to listening to it, but plan to do so soon.

And the local public radio station did an interview with him and Professor Carol Anderson (who is over at Emory) about the verdict, but the episode hasn’t posted yet, so I’ll put the link to the show’s website here for when it does:

But this is great news.


There are many more people out there that have been wronged and haven’t gotten justice or attention. I’m glad to see these convictions and wish it will give momentum towards achieving further change.


Maybe. That’s 30+ years down the road IF he somehow manages to get parole, which for a lifer in Georgia, even a good ole’ boy racist one, is tough odds. And even then he’ll be in his 80s.

And honestly, if there’s anyone of those three that can (albeit with low odds) give any sign of rehabilitation, it’s the guy who didn’t have a weapon and didn’t know they were going to kill Arbery. The son definitely knew he was going to do it, the father probably knew he was going to do it, and this guy … I dunno. I’m not defending him, he was involved with a hate crime. But I can see leaving the door open for rehabilitation 30 years from now.


Even with such a heinous crime a parole is possible. Seems like the bar is so low that it’s buried deep underground. Life in prison sounds like a bargain for what they’ve done.


For just one of them. And in 30 years. And the record of lifers getting out on parole in georgia is very, very slim. So when he’s mid 80s, because of the other felony crimes added on, he will get his first parole hearing. In a state that doesn’t generally grant parole to lifers. I bet good money he doesn’t even make it to that 85+ years old.


Pretty sure this sort of thing is far more common than people want to admit; the same goes for overzealou DAs convicting the wrong people.
The Prison Industrial Complex in this country is a hard nut to crack, especially since there are so many Vested Interests involved.
The same goes for the MIC that Eisenhower warned us about…

Works for me. Pretty apropos.

Yep. And plenty of DAs that won’t do diddly about it.