Facing lengthy prison terms, Capitol terrorist suspects are suddenly sorry for rioting on January 6

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Just a friendly reminder that these people did not “riot”, they participated in a failed insurrection, desecrated the Nation’s Capitol, and at least one of them committed murder (many others attempted murder).


These types are always sorry if they get caught, and start to realize the consequences they are facing. Usually they haven’t before had to worry about such in their hometowns. I hope this guy gets the full sentence.


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They are only sorry because they failed and got caught


I’m sure that many of the participants in the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 also apologised profusely for participating in it once it failed. I’m also sure about what those same people were up to 15 years later.


I don’t think that’s it. They were expecting to get a free pass from Republicans/Trump and that there would be no consequences, they’ve now realized no one is coming to the rescue.


Magents how do they work

Consequences, how do they work?


This is Cancel CultureTM gone CRAZY!


I am so ready for the big shoes to drop on these a-holes and the people who conspired to smear our democracy. It’ll be really nice to see a bit of justice done.


Brilliant! Nothing beats the “Whoopsie Doodle” defense!


seem to have lost the gleeful enthusiasm

Inside the gray bar hotel, they will be reacquainted with their missing gleeful enthusiasm.


Yep, it’s all fun and games until someone get’s poked in the eye.

used ta was they got shot or hanged for insurrection and treason


Playing the emotion card doesn’t change the way I feel about those traitors and I hope that their judges and juries see through the bullshit.


congratulations for finally understanding what “being made an example of” entails. we gotta ensure this sort of thing doesn’t happen ever again, and this is the part you signed up for.


In a very limited way, I’m kinda sorry for some of them. They were caught up in something bigger than themselves, and in the middle of a crowd fired-up by a demagogue like Trump we know that common sense goes right out of the window.

I can remember seeing the East German people working together to pull down sections of the Berlin wall while the guards looked on (and some even helped them), and although the circumstances then were wildly different I suspect the energy, enthusiasm and sense of unreality may have been similar. We do know that inflamed crowds of people behave very differently (and far less sensibly!) than individuals do - the alt-right are very fond of calling everyone else “sheep”, but in situations like the Capitol riot that seems very apt for their own people.

On the other hand, I am reading that some of the charges are eligible for 60 year jail terms, and although I doubt we’ll see many, if any, of those, I would be happy if the scumbags who planned and organised it all, and who stirred up the rest of the crowd, spend many years locked away where they can’t do any more harm… And a federal conviction for the rest of the sheep, even without time behind bars, would ne a nice deterrent to similar outrages in future and so would surely be of benefit to the rest of us.


Yup. Even if you thought you were participating in an insurrection ironically, you’re still participating in an insurrection.


I understand, but I’m not convinced that everyone is just a demagogue away from trying to lynch someone, especially when said demagogue’s appeal is mostly that he was planning to hurt people to begin with. If someone is genuinely repentant, I might be more sympathetic…but I think the first sign of that would be embracing that they deserve the consequences.

There doesn’t seem to be much sign that these people do. Rather, they’ve been duped because they were promised a win where they shouldn’t have consequences, and it didn’t happen.


I’ve been saying it since 2016.

Voting for trump proves that you are either stupid, or evil. Or more likely both.

“Oh, but granny is a single issue wedge voter on abortion!”

That means at best, she’s stupid. She’s too short-sighted to realize everything else the government does besides regulate medicine.

Unless she’s evil and just wants to punish women.


Right? Just paying lip service is not enough here. These are people who did real damage to the country, to property, and more important to real human beings. 5 are dead and well over 100 people were hurt during this attempted insurrection. Just saying “sorry, I didn’t mean it, I was misled” and then expected to get off of any consequences doesn’t cut it.