GOP wants to rewrite history but Capitol rioters still getting arrested

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I’m still kinda expecting the numbers of arrests ending up being north of 750 people to be honest.


Maybe they’ll all try to plead out or down if Trump and his fascist cronies show up and explain why they were really trying to use these idiots to overturn a free and fair election. Nearly all of them has said they went to Washington at his pleading and behest. Both sets of parties knew exactly why they were there and what they were doing, therefore they should all just "hang together "… All should be housed in a federal corrections facility for the rest of their natural lives, away from all media, letting Donald John Trump being their only source of entertainment. Sedition and insurrection against the United States should be punished and though without ‘unusual cruelty’, maximum discomfort should surely be a real condition for the duration of those remaining natural lives. Anything less is an open invitation to a future generation for a repeat of sedition and acts of insurrection by the next authoritarian. Nip this behavior in the bud. The rule of law demands it.


Authorization of some more reward money for credible tips will continue to make people realize that turning in insurrectionists is in their best interest and the country’s continuation of the rule of law. Reminding everyone that this was an open assault on all of us is certainly in our best interest to retain our republic intact.


Not that it should be used as a model for prisoner treatment, but people in Gitmo with more tenuously legitimate charges have been treated far far worse for also attempting to wage war against the US.


I wish some greedy attorney would solicit a group of these people to file a lawsuit against Trump for inciting them to do this thing. Not sure what grounds they would sue on in civil court, but I bet there’s something.

For that matter, it’s unclear to me why Trump hasn’t been prosecuted for inciting the riot. He literally told them to go down there and storm Congress, and said he’d go with them. I get that Congress did it’s whole impeachment thing, but surely this is worth a try.


Yes. More reward cash along with clearing out some federal jail cells letting some low level offenders out early to make room for insurrectionists would be a positive step.


I look forward to months of news content that will be generated as these cases move through the courts. It should be a constant reminder of what happened.


Oh. Oh, how did that never occur to me before?

I mean, I write this knowing it’s never going to happen, but can you imagine how delicious it would be if they started sentancing the rioters to Gitmo? I don’t know if I’ve ever imagined such trancendent schadenfreude. The place shouldn’t exist and somehow that makes the satisfaction even crisper.


Would Republicans demand to see how the insurrectionists were being cared for?

In fact, why don’t we preempt that demand by sending someone from the Republican party there to get a closer look? I nominate Marjorie “Benedict” Greene. Too bad we could only afford a one-way plane ticket for Marge.


Notwithstanding Republican efforts to make it all go away, the snitching has begun in earnest.

Who could have predicted that the party’s promotion of selfishness and power-seeking as virtues would lead to such an outcome?


Seems like this is a good way to counter anyone who says Jan. 6th was no big deal.

“Oh, so are you starting a defense fund for those guys who admitted they did it on Trump’s orders?”

(Although I suppose that would just be countered with “they’re all antifa!!!”)


snitching has begun in earnest.

Tough guy ammosexuals Qnut, that lasted as long as I had anticipated. Singing like canaries.


I’ve taken a lot of popcorn down the rabbit hole that is Sedition Tracker :slight_smile:


At a certain point it becomes a bandwidth capacity for the local court system. Legally still have to be charged, tried and convicted in the jurisdiction where they committed the crime and there are only so many D.C. judges and courtrooms and prosecutors and public defenders to go around.

The system wasn’t designed well for such a huge number of people committing crimes at the same time and unfortunately that likely means they’re going to end up focusing their resources on just the worst/easiest to prosecute offenders.


At least we should link to the loose ends the FBI is seeking assistance in identifying the rest of them.


Step 1: watch right wing propaganda telling you that all the world’s problems are caused by Antifa.
Step 2: join the Q Cucks Clan and go fight Antifa
Step 3: watch the same right wing propaganda calling you Antifa

You don’t even get ignominy, you just get swept into the dustbin of history by the street sweeper of evil. It’s almost enough to make me feel sorry for these people. Almost.


ISTR that has been done, but I don’t think that it has gotten anywhere. At least so far.

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Of course the real problem is that nobody got “Sentenced to Gitmo,” because the people spending years stuck there were never sentenced to anything. They were just captured, blindfolded and stuck on a plane without any kind of due process.


I’ll just say that " all enemies, foreign and domestic " makes your comment perfectly clear in the context of Constitutional intent. Goose/Gander analogy applies here.