Trump riot: U.S. Attorney's Office in D.C. charges 55 people federally — unlawful entry, assault, theft, and weapons charges

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I was hoping they’d wait until Trump leaves office.


Don’t forget those charges for destruction of federal buildings / monuments.

@subextraordinaire - they did say they’d be charging people all year. There is hope.


B-b-but they’re just economically anxious Real Americans™ from the heartland. Attica…I mean Antifa Antifa Antifa!


No there isn’t. Trump can very easily blanket pardon all these people at any time and these crimes will no longer be prosecutable.

All he has to do is say “anyone who committed any crime within 10 blocks of the capitol building, on the day of January 6th 2021, recieves a full presidential pardon for any and all federal crimes.”

Boom. Over. Nobody goes to jail. Nobody goes to trial.

And yes this is entirely precedented, via Jimmy Carter’s blanket pardon of draft dodgers.

If trump decides to do this there is no recourse. DC is an entirely federal jurisdiction. There are no state or county crimes in DC. All crimes there are federal.

It’s real shitty and one of the many many reasons why we need to make DC a proper state.


55 people charged? That leaves only 9,945 to go.


He can, but it’s likely he won’t unless he sees some benefit in doing so.

Trump doesn’t have loyalty to other people. All his relationships and actions are transactional.


I’m genuinely worried that yesterday’s events will give enough Republicans cover to finally distance themselves from Trump.

The Republican party deserves Trump as an anchor around their neck and we cannot allow them to slip the chain at this point.


–DOJ says it will consider bringing charges against anyone who played any role in the mob attack on the Capitol.

Anyone? Hmmm…anyone?


How the FUCK are none of these charges armed sedition?!

I cannot wait, for the next Trumpturd to start preaching to me about “’'Murica” and patriotism. Grrrrrrrrrrrr…


It was so kind of them not to wear masks so we can all see their faces. I know it’s due to their arrogance, ignorance and white privilege, but still, thanks fellas!


Every single one of them is white! Yet more proof that the communist liberal deep state is racist against white people! There’s no other possible explanation


This actually presents the Biden administration an opportunity to correct some of the wrongs of the Obama admin. When this exact same group of seditionists overtook Malheur, they were allowed to get away scot-free (the only death was more the result of a high speed chase than their actions at the refuge). They gave tacit permission for domestic terrorists to act in this manner. There is a direct line from Malheur to the Capitol insurrection and Biden must use it as an opportunity to send a signal to these terrorists that they will be treated with the full prejudice of the law. It is also critical to restore confidence in our law enforcement agencies (I know, I feel sick even writing that, but it is important), both among the civilian population as well as among their ranks. They have been trying for a long time to rein these people in and their actions have fallen flat repeatedly (and yes, I also realize that there are plenty of federal agents that are fully complicit, but that’s a whole other form of housekeeping that must take place).

I also understand that lots of people carry blame for this, including plenty of Federal agencies that can act outside of the direct orders of the Executive and have repeatedly failed to. However, leadership fails from the top and the suppression of sedition must be a top priority of the Executive.

ETA: To be clear, I have seen no evidence of any of the Bundy clan’s involvement in yesterday’s treason, but they have been extremely active in this community.


55 pardons on the wall, 55 pardons in all, take one down and pass it around… :musical_note:


Don’t forget that Trump likes hurting people. Giving immunity to his most ardent supporters is likely something that he feels will hurt Democrats, and it will aid his supporters he hopes to keep even after he leaves office. Trump totally may do this. There’s all upside for him and no downside.


Bison horny bare chest guy has got to be so proud of his tattoos that he’ll be easy to track down, surely?
Besides, once they were all inside they should’ve barricaded them in and slowly arrested the lot of them.


I think it’s unlikely Trump will bother. He pardons people who can lie to protect him. These schmucks mean nothing to him because they can’t do anything for him now.


“55 people have been charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in D.C”

It’s a start.


Pardoning those blackwater murderer war criminals didn’t give him anything other than the knowledge that he personally is re-victimizing some bereaved parents.

I don’t see why he wouldn’t be happy to pardon “some very fine and beautiful patriots” who “fought bravely on my behalf” he loses nothing but gets to keep these shithead’s loyalty.