Enjoy this joyful movie dancing supercut


I had a go at one of these once…


No Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, or Gene Kelley that I noticed. :disappointed:

Joyfully blocked in my country…

The inclusion of the hobbits really cracked me up :smiley:

Here’s one of my favourites.

Just…disgusted at how exhilarated and giddy I am right now.

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…nor Shaun and Gus from Psych, nor a Lilo and Stitch?

Nice. I did too. I see some familiar footage.

They can’t put every single film in there, yadda yadda but SERIOUSLY: Nothing from The Full Monty?? They should at least replace that painfully embarrassing moment from Burton’s Alice in Wonderland with dancing man-buns.

YouTube user Robert Jones has a four-part series (so far) of great movie dance montages:

it’s just a jump to the left…

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