Fun montage of dance scenes from 292 movies

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thank you for this. so many good dance scenes…instant mood lifter.


Boy, I needed this today. Super fun! And so many movies! The only scene I can think of that they missed was the Charleston dancing in It’s a Wonderful Life - or was it there? I could’ve missed it. I’m sure there’s others that people might think of, but it was really all encompassing. I was surprised to see Three Amigos! Talk about a blast from the past!


“Let’s Dance! Put on your red shoes and dance the blues…”


That was magical; though my tear ducts were triggered by the brief clip from “Up!”, and it needs more Sam Rockwell… everything needs more Sam Rockwell.


Somehow I don’t find Chunk’s truffle shuffle (The Goonies, 3:37) so joyful anymore.

good, but
no Breakin’
no Beat Street
why was this allowed?


There was a different shot, at 1:24. Easy to miss it since it’s from the colorized version.

Brief tear for Up! and a brief shudder for the “cut the ear off” scene from Reservoir Dogs, but the rest was pure joy. There’s a reason that dance movies have stood the test of time.

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That was indeed a fun montage of dance scenes from 292 movies, thank you.

“White Nights” was a bad movie when it was made, and it’s a worse movie now (and it has Helen Mirren in it also! still wery bad), but for the dancing, and especially Gregory Hines: bits like narrating in tap how he got to Siberia after Vietnam, and then doing “There’s a Boat That’s Leaving Soon” with some all-too-brief singing/dancing awesomeness. Still can’t believe he’s gone, ugh.

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There’s a colorized version of It’s A Wonderful Life? I feel saddened, somehow.

White Nights

Agree. The opening credits with Baryshnikov performing on stage and especially the bit shown in the OP video, the rehearsal session with him and Hines, are TNT dynamite (the music for that part sucks, though). The dancing parts are the only worthwhile bits of the whole movie.

In fact, the brief move from that scene that they chose show is not even the iconic move, there. I would have chose the part at about 1:30

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