Christopher Walken dancing



Glorious! Loved it.

Damn, I only recognised about 4 or 5 of those movies, all non-dancing roles. Anybody have any idea about the others?

I was going to say - this is really all you need.


If you go to the huff post link, it lists all the films.


This is great! All it needs is more cowbell.

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His seductive pimp dance in Pennies from Heaven is still one of my favorite movie dances.


the whole time i’m waiting for the fatboy slim video…and it’s not in the edit. BOOOO.

anyway, happy birthday to christopher walken in two weeks. we share the same birthday!

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As a fellow editor of such supercuts, one must decide to stick to one specific medium or branch out. This one looks like it stuck to nothing but films so leaving out Weapon of Choice is a perfectly fine choice.

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i totally get that. weapon of choice is it’s own thing as well as a different genre. it also defeats the purpose since it’s composed entirely of dancing!

Really needs the Fatboy Slim video


As said above…no it really doesn’t. Respect the artists desire to stick to one genre for his editing source. No need to break genre just to include one music video.

Enters post, sees someone already posted the Fatboy Slim video, tips hat

Yeah, I have seen entirely to few movies with Christopher Dancen in them.

seeing any movie with Christopher Walken, in which he does not dance at least briefly, constitutes too few such movies.

Dancing Walken is much more entertaining than Walking Danson.


This makes me happy, had to get up and dance along with. :smiley:

How about Wanking Dawson?

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