Just look at this 1943 Busby Berkeley banana dance


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Just look at Busby Berkeley’s banana dance.
Just look… at…it.


Damn! Frank from Donnie Darko reincarnated as a banana!


The Polkadot Polka is better.


Carmen never gets old.


Perhaps not better but maybe weirder. This whole movie (The Gang’s All Here) is simply a joy. What very little plot there is is only there as an excuse to stage elaborate dance numbers. One features Benny Goodman and a contortionist.





At first glance, I thought it was Q:


Are we supposed to be looking at the glorious and all-too-briefly-seen Carmen Miranda? the obviously not Hispanic chorus got up to look Hispanic? The bananas = eggplant somehow? Another chance for Busby Berkeley to show he knows how to create the kinds of great movie musical numbers that make the most sense if you are either currently experiencing a national economic depression, or if you have the flu?


Suddenly, I’m craving a PBJ…weird.


Rather than link to someone else, why not just link to your own post on this almost exactly 2 years ago?

Carmen Miranda was rather amazing. At one time she was the highest paid actor, man or woman, in Hollywood.


There was a Nazi cell in LA in the 1930s and 1940s who plotted to kill various Hollywood people. One of them was Busby Berkeley. See Hitler in Los Angeles: How Jews Foiled Nazi Plots Against Hollywood and America by Steve Ross for more.

I don’t believe Carmen Miranda was on the hit list though.


Y’know, I’ve been just looking at banana-related things for over six years now.


A banana video this over-ripe is going to spoil the rest of the bunch.




That routine had a bananatised Sarlac Pit moment that would give unpleasant flashbacks to Boba Fett.


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